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Rob, Sydney, AUS

Hi Scott & Mary,
Thanks for your inspirational words, although I do have a bone to pick with both of you...!! VofE seems to be going very slowly these days, my first job every morning as I sit in my cubicle pondering the meaning of life, looking out onto Sydney Harbour and wondering why I am stuck in this corporate grind with the boss yelling for that report or this whatever, I recently found myself telling him that a new post is on VofE, and back off!!! as a sipped my morning coffee. Probably not a wise move considering the GFC and job security being of upmost importance.

As required I went into his office to deliver the said report, and what do you know, he has logged onto VofE and is reading so intensly he dosent even notice me for the first few minutes, he eventually comes up for air and immediatley starts asking me a lot of questions about you and Mary. To make a long story short, I now have the approval of the big man to check VofE every day for a new update, and then added to my long list of current responsibilities is to let him know of any new postings...!

Ahhh, life just got a little better!!
So thanks again, and looking forward to your next adventure.

Be safe!

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Well Rob, this should be interesting how it plays out. Lets look at the facts. The Big Man must be a smart guy, that is why he is the Big Man. Now if he is truly smart, not the owner's nephew, he will take time to start reading VofE's from the beginning. This will set him thinking about the quality of life vs the corporate grind you mentioned. So perhaps he will buy his own long distance cruiser and sail into the sunset...because he is smart.

Now, you're a smart guy because you read VofE. So perhaps you will become the next Big Man. This will give you even more time to read VofE's. What will you do?