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Rod Sumner of Niagara Falls, Ontario CAN asks:
When I frequented Buenos Aires many years ago a great restaurant on the water front was Los Anos Locos - the Crazy Years! It was great then and maybe so now.

Regards to you, Mary and Steve.

Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
Rod, Thank you for thinking of my sweetie! Buenos Aires is 125 miles up the Rio Del Plata. Egret is on a beeline for Mar Del Plata trying to beat the weather. We'll have to unfortunately pass on Los Anos Locos. Our waterfront lunch today was a huge fruit salad with papaya, mango, pineapple, avocado, and raisins sprinkled with coconut. Chicken sandwich on fresh raisin bread with albatrosses for company. We'll eat tonight at the same favorite restaurant, fresh dolphin. These are the Anos Buenos. (The Good Years)

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