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Rod Sumner of Niagara Falls, Ontario CAN asks:
Just a tale about starting diesels in cold weather (NF has been at -30C in the past month, now +10C Spring is around the corner!)

Maybe your wing engine glow plug, when coupled with summer diesel fuel, is not getting the combustion air warm enough to start the process. We warm the incoming air when turning the engine over with a heat gun of even a BBQ lighter and then the engine starts.

Question re; flybridge vs no flybridge: Can you comment on the diffferent handling characteristics of the 2 configurations wrt to handling, roll period, etc?

Best regards to you and Mary
Rod Sumner

Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
Rod, Thanks for the wing engine help. The small Yanmar doesn't have a glow plug per se. The injectors are at the injection shop & will see after. The heat does make sense. We do have a heat gun on board.

We don't have any personal experience in a flybridge vs non flybridge situation. We only know what we have been told. The 46 (or any other Nordhavns I suspect) without the flybridge has a faster roll period than with a flybridge. It makes sense Egret rolls more with the high weight however she does roll comfortably without any snappyness. Egret works well for us as I am sure a non flybridge boat does as well for others. I think the bigger issue is how you plan to use your boat. East coast US/Bahamas a flybridge is an asset. In the Pacific North West there are less times a flybridge would be an asset. As we mentioned once before unless we decided to travel high latitudes most of the time (which we are not) we believe a flybridge overall is a big asset. Ciao

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