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Rod Sumner of Niagara Falls, Ontario CAN asks:
Have you formed a local chapter of ROMEO yet?


Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
Rod, no we haven't. In this place with all of us scattered with too many
different venues it would be impossible.

ROMEO is Retired Old Men Eating Out (from our wintering in Barcelona days). Each Friday during our winter stay we would announce on the morning's VHF cruisers net the meeting of the ROMEOs and would meet at the local Catalan museum on the top floor overlooking the harbor and old section of town for coffee 'n' conversation. The ladies' coffee day was on Wednesday.

The Med Bound 2007 group arriving this fall in Barcelona surely will meet the American cruiser, Cap'n Tosh on Millineum (F Dock). Tosh is stuck in the Barcelona tar pit & has grown roots, or you might say 'the stalactites growing from the bottom of his Cheoy Lee is meeting/or met, the stalagmites rising from the bottom.' The MB 07 group will also be introduced to Fri. afternoon cocktails 'n' snacks on F dock along with wine tastings, vineyard tours, cava bar get the picture.

In Turkey we had a similar weekly event. It was Gentlemen's Lunch held at a local eatery on Fridays. Ladies' Lunch was held at the same time so the couples coming from the out of town marina would arrive together.

This is just another common perk where yachties gather living The Life.

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