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Ryan Miller, Palm Bay, FL USA asks:
I have enjoyed reading your trip log and living vicariously through your travels. My wife and I are also avid boaters with aspirations of living aboard in the future. Your voyage has kept the dream alive for us. Thanks! My question is in regards to your anchor. You often refer to your trusty anchor TK as being a sturdy anchor. I'm curious to see what this creature looks like. Is this a custom made anchor or an off-the-shelf-variety?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Ryan, the picture is a 22lb (10kg) version of TK. TK is a Turkish version of the German Bugul anchor we purchased in Turkey. There are three anchors I would personally prefer on Egret in addition to our original Delta (in the 120lb version): Bugul, Spade or Rocna. The U.S. distributor for orginal Bugul anchors is Inter-Yacht of Columbia, North Carolina. I believe Spade anchors are availble form West Marine or check Passagemaker Magazine advertising for another source. Rocnas are available in the U.S. from Suncoast Marine,

For coastal cruising most any anchor will work given an adequate size for any given boat. In my opinion an oversized, modern anchor is the cheapest and safest form of self insurance you can buy. For long distance cruising anything less is foolish. Ciao.

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