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Scott, Corinth, TX USA asks:
Really I have no question, just admiration. The wife and I have our 20 year plan all worked out. If all goes well we shall follow your footsteps. Funny thing, we now have one of my coworkers dreaming about the same thing. Please keep up the logs as it is the only thing that keeps the dream alive. I have been reading your log and another log,, for sometime now. Between the two of you there is never a dull moment. Your in the bitter cold, they cruise in the tropical sun. Such a wonderful contrast. Rest assured you have accomplished your goal with at least two people. The wife and I will certainly be out there someday. Again, please do continue the excellent work. Scott and Heather

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Scott and Heather, Your 20 year plan is a credible one. It will certainly change your lives. You still have 20 years. Live EVERY one of those days fully. Cruising is the icing on the cake of life. A charter every now and then will keep the fires burning brightly. The latest edition of Circumnavigator Magazine (Nordhavn's own in-house publication) will be out in a few months (it will be available on the Circumnavigator section of this website.) Circumnavigator has articles written by just plain folks along with a number of testimonials. There are little fiberglass long distance cruisers scattered all over the world. Egret is just one of many boats enjoying the same agenda. The Egret crew and all the other crews are no more special than you, your wife and coworkers. We simply put in our time learning a new trade if you will and here we are in paradise.

Mary and I thank you for your inspiration. Other than an occasional Forum question we have no idea who is reading VofE. If we can inspire and help just a few people toward cruising we have done our duty as others have for us. Ciao.

P.S. Bitter cold is a bit harsh. We are quite comfortable. We have proper heat in Egret and clothes for outside. We enjoy every day. If in the future when we arrive in cold country somewhere, and I suspect we will, we'll cruise there in the winter also. Time is something none of us can buy. Hibernating is a waste. Cruising time is priceless.

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