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Scott Barnaby, Decatur, GA USA asks:
I was quite pleased to hear about the fragility you two have developed - I work only two days/week(spend weekends at a lake home) but still am too much exposed to media - I traveled for a year in 1986 and have some idea of the simple life to which you refer - I look forward to trying it again in a couple years (age 61 or so) - my $ may keep me from trying the boating life but could you say anymore about consciously developing fragility - or is it a side effect? thanks for generously sharing your trip! Scott

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Scott, Even before retiring and living aboard Egret we started moving away from the media. We were very busy with another life of work, Mon thru Fri then racing two hours on Friday nights to the Fla Keys on weekends for fishing, socializing and so on. We dropped cable from both homes a few years before we retired; not because we were drop outs but were too busy and not interested. I guess we were too busy living our lives and not dwelling on others.

The longer cruisers are 'out' as a group, most seem to come up with the same simple lifestyle. Mary and I are not unique but part of a larger majority. Some are always charging like they are still working but this is not the norm.

It appears you are well on your way to taking it easy. Lets hope boating is part of your future. Talk about rewards!!!

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