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Scott Barnaby, GA, USA asks:
Scott and Mary, No question, just gratitude. Your Chilean
Channel pix are just fantastic. Thank you so much. And thanks for the
inspiration to 'get out there'. I may not ever own my own boat but I
will be seeing the world when I retire in three years.
Happy currents, Scott B

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Scott, don't give up on a boat just yet. You don't need a ocean capable powerboat to go boating. There is a simple way to keep your tings and see much of the US east coast and Bahamas without spending a fortune or making drastic changes to your lifestyle. You see our choice but it doesn't mean the same choice is for everyone. You can buy an old sailboat (I would look in Soundings or, and make it useable for less than 20K. When you are through you can sell it for nearly the same if you have kept it up. You will be able to see everything Egret did during her first 2 years cruising, except perhaps Nova Scotia and south of the Bahamas, just not in the comfort of Egret. You could explore the Chesapeake for years, the US NE coast, Bahamas in the winter and so on. It's all motoring except perhaps for the Gulfstream crossing and even then you can motor if you choose your weather.

All you need is a handheld GPS, a laptop with a navigation program, a reliable engine and keep the water on the outside. Anything else is a plus.

Glad you enjoyed the pics. We feel very fortunate for the opportunity to take them.

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