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Scott Barnaby, Decatur, GA asks:
Dear Fryer, my how you do go on - and thanks for that! I spent 3 delicious months in NZ in '86 - really enjoyed the Nelson wooden boats - and think you are in for a real treat going thru the Marlboro Sound(s) - one of my all-time favorite experiences on this planet - and I had to do it on the ferry from Wellington - no chance to head off to something interesting on the way - hope you will post lots of pix and do a bit of gunkholing - keep driving that stake!

Scott B (fryee)

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Scott Flanders on board Egret responds:
Scott, yes, we do get carried away from time to time. But it's for your own good. We'll cruise part of Malboro Sounds on our way south. We have seen a bit by car and it's beautiful and in fact we're making another car expedition tomorrow visiting Capt Cook's refit port he visited 3 different times.

We'll keep the stake driver going.