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Capt. Steve Larivee, Longmeadow, MA USA asks:
Judging by all the trouble people have with bringing their dogs with them on trips (and this when they have all the necessary medical paperwork), aren't you worried about the problems you'll face with Chonos at your first check in? I know... how could you leave her behind though? This should be interesting. PS Still following along after the first of the Forum posts :)

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
The South Americas are laid back when it comes to pets from what we seen having never been asked or noticed anywhere on the paperwork about pets. We saw zero pets aboard while in the Deep South. A dog down there would be nearly impossible. A cat perhaps.

French Polynesia is difficult with pets, New Zealand and Australia are VERY difficult. In addition to customs issues, Chonos is physically a large (but very light) dog. She also sheds to the point where we wash the decks every two days. We could never have her inside. With the sea miles coming up it wouldn't be fair to her or us to have her aboard. Another place, another time she would be with us forever...but not aboard. Crossing the Gulf of Corcovado this morning she lost her breakfast on the foredeck. She will be VERY happy to arrive in the anchorage this evening. So, its not to be. We have a month and a half to find her a good home and we will. Yes, it will break our hearts to see her go.

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