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Sue Tomback, Marina del Rey, CA

We have N4654 and are currently cruising the Pacific Northwest. Just curious as to why you did not run with the paravances in? PS - re the perfect boat - couldn't agree with you more (except that we prefer the B layout)the 46 is still the best Nordhavn ever

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Sue, we have never used the paravanes except for testing. Since converting the Naiads to the Multi Sea II upgrade they have done a remarkable job. Most of our Tasman crossing seas were well forward of the beam so the paravanes would have given a little extra comfort but at a cost of .4 knots and a lot of work in sloppy seas launching and retrieving the birds.

The 46 is still the best Nordhavn ever...yes, we think so...for us, for what we do.