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Tim Morris, Torquay, GBR
Subject: until August

Questions: Wow...... won't move again until August ???? Now that's a dirt-dweller talking ...

The dollar-pound is still killing us Scott. I feel my dream fading away. Just realised I have been reading your blog for about 2/3 years. We could be 2/3 years into my dream. I missed the dollar-pound opportunity.

It's your fault Scott, you weren't firm enough with me. :)

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Tim, you have been whining for about 2/3 years. Go used, go smaller, go now and live your dream. Or you can read VofE 2/3 more years and whine to your heart's content. I'll still listen even if your tears are rotting my Tevas. What more can we say or do to get you on the water? There are thousands of us out here doing the deal. We aren't whining, we just did it.

By the way, we are Marina Queens, not Dirt Dwellers. There is a BIG difference. We are waiting on the seasonal weather to make the Indian Ocean crossing. In the meantime we will live aboard and land cruise.