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Tim Morris, Torquay, GBR
Subject: Oil & Fuel

Questions: Re blog 6 Aug. Still licking my wounds Scott, but I'm hanging in there. :) You have mentioned carrying 50galls of oil. Is that for just 1 oil change en-route. Is it not possible for an oil change prior to leaving or is the distance just too far. What are the oil change intervals? You have also mentioned 100 gallons of Deck Fuel, bracketing 26ltr. Not sure I've quite got a grip of that one either.

Really looking forward to your posts on this trip after all the land based caravan tales.

Me? I'm no nearer, but I have stopped whining :) Best wishes for a safe trip. Regards Tim morris.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
The main takes 5 U.S. gallons of oil per change. The main, generator and wing will have fresh oil when we leave Fremantle. We will NOT change oil in the main for the next 23-24 days. I DO NOT want to shut down at sea. The main will be running at a constant speed and temperature and will be very lightly loaded. We ran 18 days from the Canary Islands to Brazil then changed oil after arrival. The oil was gray, not even black. The usual oil change interval is 200 hours. We stick to this schedule or change even sooner depending on the situation unless we are at sea.

We will leave Fremantle with 9 20liter pails of oil. Our planned oil changes are: Mauritius, Richard's Bay, South Africa, Cape Town, SA, St Helena Island, Forteleza, Brazil, Tobago and Puerto Rico. The two extra pails of oil are for the generator and a spare.

One hundred gallons of aft cockpit deck fuel is 380ltrs. I don't know where 26ltrs came from. Dumb attack I guess. We have two additional fuel bladders as well plus a junkyard of jerry jugs. The next VofE after fueling and leaving Fremantle we'll give an accurate account of what fuel went where.

Thanks for the best wishes. For your long time suffering, AND abuse from Egret we would like to officially invite you to dinner aboard Egret any time we are in N. Europe. However, that will be a year from now and I sincerely hope when you come for dinner you arrive in your passagemaker even if it isn't your dream boat (N52). Arriving is the key.