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Tim Morris, Torquay, Devon GBR asks:
Hi to you both from sunny (not) England. Just hypothetically you understand... If one were to buy a pre-owned Nordhavn 40'-50', which (say) 10 (or 20 if you like) items would you want to ensure it had, or if it didn't, would want to allow for in the purchasing costings. Can't be too difficult, as you have only a couple of hundred items to choose from!! Take care.... Tim Morris

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Tim, What is most important is everything works and the used boat is in good repair. As your cruising matures I'm sure you will find tings you will change or add. I believe any Nordhavn's first owner's enthuisiasm added the necessities. What is most important is find a boat that makes you happy, agree on a price and start the survey process. You can wear yourself out trying to find the perfect boat because I can tell you it doesn't exist. Your desires/needs change through the years from theoritical needs at first to real needs and wants as you put in sea miles gaining experience. Along with sea miles comes a moving picture of the perfect boat as well. Choose wisely the first time, get under way and enjoy yourself.

Bottom line: I am sure ANY used Nordhavn has many times the tings than does almost any boat in Papeete, Tahiti harbor. And they are HERE while you are in not-sunny England. You get the picture.

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