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Tim Morris, Torquay, GBR asks:
Congratulations. A fantastic climax. However, the timing
of your success runs parallel to my 'dream' fading. The Global
financial problems have resulted in Sterling falling badly against the
dollar, effectively putting up the price of my dream 52 by 25%. I was
dreaming for too long. So for me it's probably goodbye to a Nordhavn
hello. At least for the time being, and with advancing years the
dream becomes less likely to become reality. However, I look forward
to reading more of your travels as they unfold. Take care......

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Tim, Thank you, but first it's not a climax. We're just getting started. More importantly, slow down to 7 knots and take the time to rethink your dream. The N52 would be my choice in the next boat up in size from Egret. However, it is just a boat. There are less expensive N alternatives for well less than 25% of a fully outfitted N52. A used N47, 43 or 40 would be available immediately and would preclude the time of new build wait and commissioning. You would gain a full year or more and would still see exactly the same sights, safely and in comfort. You could be cruising within a month! The whole world has lost money including ourselves. Lots of money to us. Investing in a boat is another way of storing money if you choose wisely. It is not lost. Your interest is buying dreams. Priceless. But as you pointed out the clock is ticking for us all. We're not stopping. We could have less ashore or afloat. You know our choice.

My advice to you would be call Southampton. Do the deal. Perhaps not the same deal but a deal that works for you and get on with your dreams. If we all rebound in a few years and you still want your 52, go for it. But think what you have seen and done in the interim. In the meantime; tick, tick, get the picture.

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