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Tim Morris, Torquay, GBR
Thinking as you were in both Samoas last year, I wondered about the information you would have received and action you would have taken in the circumstances of a forecasted tsunami. Seeing boats inside houses, and talk of Tsunami's running at 500mph (if that's true) certainly makes you think. Had you been there at the time it all hit, what would/could you have done? Thanks, Tim

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Tim, good question. The short answer is when the water was sucked out of the harbor we would have known exactly what to do. However, I'm not sure if we could have done anything. Egret was anchored in the harbor below the tuna fleet boats and deeper inside the harbor from the dock that is mentioned in the October 5th captain's log report. We anchored in about 40' if I remember and would have had about 200' of chain out. Pago Pago harbor has very poor holding so when the return wave hit I'm not sure we would have held. In Egret's case a year ago, when we hauled the anchor to leave, up came two automobile tires fouled in the anchor. I would like to think where we were anchored our damage would have been minimal but you never know.