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Tim Morris, Torquay, GBR
Subject: So many places, so little time

Question: While on your travels, you will have undoubtedly seen some of the most beautiful places/sights in the world. You must have surely bypassed a
thousand others. I guess there are many that you are yet to see.

Scott and Mary: Tim, we have seen a lot of beautiful places. Yes, we undoubtedly drove past many more. Yes, we will see what we can, when we can.

Question: Have you not yet seen that one special place, and thought "I want to
stay here more than I want to see somewhere else"? If not, do you expect to? Or, would you rather keep going seeing everything you can, while you can.

Scott and Mary: These places are referred to as 'tar pits'. There are tar pits all over the world. When the long miles are done, and when its time we would rather be somewhere else, doing something else rather than cruising we will sell Egret and take up the next adventure. What we will never do is give up cruising because of minor inconveniences to live ashore and become vegetables with an ever tightening, suffocating routine so many are relegated to after retirement.

Question: Perhaps you think it's all about the people, and could be anywhere with the right people. Actually I guess we all think that. How about the special people in that special place!

Scott and Mary: This statement is kind of confusing to me so let me explain how we see people. When working you have one set of work related interests, raising a family, another set and so on. When long distance cruising most smaller boat cruisers have many of the same issues, power or sail. This said, we all have the common denominator of independence, adventure and pushing ourselves a bit. At this stage of our lives we find this interesting, and people with common goals interesting. Prior stages of our old life we now find boring. Our interests have changed. Our needs simpler. It is very difficult looking from the outside in trying to put things into pigeon holes to bring everyone's (cruisers) opinions to order. Something that can be counted, cataloged or weighed. It isn't like that. Just a few minutes ago the couple from N43 Opal Lady stopped by. They are relatively new boaters and radiate enthusiasm. They were bubbling about their upcoming adventures and giving us quality information about where they have been and we are going. This excites us. A TV program, news broadcast, or new this or that doesn't. We live in a different world. Many folks think they want to live in this world but in the end they can't give up their routine or stuff. We think it is sad but that is just our opinion.

Question: Wouldn't it be great to have individual responses from you both! I wonder if they would be the same! I think so.

Scott and Mary: They are. We reply to forum questions as if we would to our lifelong friends. What is so great about Forum questions is others may have the same questions but don't write and ask. To us it all about giving folks who think they may want to take up the coastal or long distance cruising life as much accurate information as possible. These folks have the opportunity to be light years ahead with all the available information vs when Mary and I took the giant leap of faith based on years of magazine articles and our own intuition.