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Tom White, Salt Lake City, UT USA asks:
I keep a boat in Victoria BC, a house in Salt Lake City and work part time in Lima Peru. Any idea as to a schedule in Lima? It would be fun to hook up. Love your website and postings. Real boaters like to hear about how you work around the problems, Does the Defever guy on Pelagic have an e-mail? I have a Defever as well.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Tom, Egret's long term plans are written in sand at low tide. Within a few hours from sending today's (Sat 1-20) Voyage of Egret announcing our three or four day plan we have made changes. We now plan to run for the Horn in this great weather tomorrow cutting a day. Our Peru plans are in the far distance. We are seriously considering wintering over here in the DEEP south. We will make the call in late Feb. We work around problems because we HAVE to work around problems. At times they are aggravating however we always prevail in the end. We're sure you do as well with your boat. We don't know if Ken Murray on Pelagic does have e-mail. He is leaving for the States (by air) shortly. Ciao.

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