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Victor Perry, Ontario, CAN asks:
I have been recently following your adventures and find them
inspirational. I currently have a five year countdown to retirement
and my wife and I have been planning over the past ten years to follow
the same independent boating lifestyle you currently enjoy.

I have two questions for you (below)....

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

1) How much annual money would you recommend a couple need from their investments to live each year and follow a similar lifestyle you currently enjoy?

Victor, twice before on the Forum I have tried to explain costs of boating. If you quickly skim the Forum you will find what I wrote at the time. We are all so different in our wants and needs it is an impossible question to answer. The variables are infinite. The simple truth is you spend what you have. It is not difficult to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate to whatever budget you may have. I will say we live comfortably year in, year out on a small percentage of our former land based costs.

2) Also, how many liters of diesel fuel has your wonderful little
Nordhavn consumed on your trip so far?

The short answer is we didn't keep track and don't know. When stretching fuel we average about 1 liter of fuel burn per nautical mile (@1350 RPM). The N46 has a very, very efficient bottom but at the expense of storage and larger engine room of the newer models. Perhaps an N40 can achieve these mileage figures but at a slower speed. From the N43 up the mileage is somewhat less. This isn't even close to our real life fuel usage. There are many variables. Cruising years like in the Med where you cruise relatively short distances during the 6 month cruising season you burn relatively little fuel. This year we have covered quite a few miles so have burned more fuel but had little or none of our former Med marina expenses while wintering. In addition to destinations, short or long, you have to add generator burn. Egret's 12KW generator burns .62 gallons per hour (2.56 liters per hour) at a 50% load. Your generator burn while on anchor is a surprising factor in your overall fuel burn. Most 46 owners run the gen 2 hours morning and evening. We run half that during days of good sunlight for the solar panels. (600 watts) Variables in generator burn not only include systems use (fridge/freezer are the largest user of amps that must be replaced), cruising destinations from the extremes of equatorial heat to cool high latitude are a significant factor in generator use, solar panels or not and so on.

Good luck to you on your future cruising plans. Actually, it isn't luck. You make your own luck.


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