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Waco Carter, Melbounre, FL

Subject: Security

Scott, What about security? Do you carry weapons on board. I assume having a gun would not be a problem in U.S. coastal waters, but what about entering foreign ports? Do you have an alarm system on your boat to warn you in case of an uninvited intruder?--Waco

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Waco, we carry no firearms. There is nothing we own that is worth another person's life or our own in defense. In the 'old' days a lot of Americans carried firearms. These days we don't know of anyone personally carrying firearms. The problem in some places is not physical harm, it is petty theft. I believe that if someone boards your boat with a gun their main interest is your 'stuff', not doing you harm. There is no gain ($) in shooting someone and it can only bring problems if you are a thief.

We didn't used to lock Egret during the day almost anywhere but after friends got robbed in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, while they were sleeping we have been locking the boat virtually everywhere when we leave and at night.

We do not have an alarm system.

I believe you are more likely to have personal theft at home than aboard.