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Wayne Mapp, Auckland, NZL asks:
Just wondering about your annual vessel costs, eg Fuel,
maintenance, haulout. Have they been greater than you expected with a larger number of mechanical and electronic failures during the last year?

In due course (after my current career) I am interested in the option of going north into the Pacific for a few months, and would like to get a sense of the running costs of a boat like yours. I have a better knowledge of running costs of 50 ft planning launches, but they tend to be inherently more expensive to run in both repairs and fuel. I assume a simpler vesel like a Nordhavn is cheaper, though i guess in terms of systems other than the engine there may not be much diference in complexity.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Wayne, we answered those questions as best we could in a fairly recent Forum request. If you go back you will find several replies addressing the same subject. Bottom line is Egret is and has been quite innexpensive to run and maintain.

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