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Device Name: Devin Zwick
Latitude: 7.24188
Longitude: -81.91818
GPS location Date/Time: 06/22/2017 14:14:34 PDT

What Happened This Week

NAP heading out to new locations
The NAP fleet has broken up now and going on to different directions. Angela is heading to Morocco and Moxie is heading further east into Spain.



NAP farewell dinner



OK.. Call it a “man thing”.. I mean.. who cares about a lovely ocean view for lunch when you can sit and admire your magnificent big Scania engine with the wonderful fragrance of styrene and teak dust in the air and the soothing background melody of screaming routers and grinders. It just doesn’t get any better… George, the Buyer of N68 #33 has arrived at the Ta Shing factory to inspect his boat and see the progress. His timing was perfect to see the engines (wing and main) before they are installed in the boat.

Dan Streech


N55 "Rainbow Chaser" approaching the Gatun locks in the Panama Canal



NAP fleet in Gibraltar



Chris and Eileen Roehrig along with their daughters Emma and Anabelle are visiting Ta Shing today to review their order and check on the building progress of their Nordhavn 76 #26. Their PAE project manager Garrett Severn along with the Ta Shing engineers and staff spent the day with the Roehrigs inspecting their boat as well as the fascinating Ta Shing factory.




The NAP boats have arrived in Gibraltar!
At 10 PM GMT (5 PM EDT), the trio of boats that left Horta together arrived at Gibraltar, commencing their 3rd leg and officially completing their Atlantic crossing. Robert Lee on board N55 Angela reports: The group tried up in Gibraltar at Ocean Village Marina. Totall distance traveled was 4,115 nm. Today the group ran along the coast to stay out of the worst of the winds and seas blowing from the east. We finally rounded the corner and entered the Strait of Gibraltar at 7:40 PM (local time) for the last 16 miles to Gibraltar and the marina. Congrats NAP boats!



N55 Rainbow Chaser got bumped from their spot in line for transiting the Canal.
New details forthcoming.

N55 Rainbow Chaser set to transit Panama Canal Sunday
Midway through its delivery from St. Lucia to Cabo San Lucas, N55 Rainbow Chaser, currently sits at the Shelter Bay Marina in Cristobal, awaiting her turn to transit the Panama Canal tomorrow afternoon. The boat will pick up its pilot at 3:30 pm (EDT) and is scheduled to complete the Gatun Lock by 6:15 pm (EDT). She’ll continue through the remaining two sets of locks on Monday and will continue her roughly 2,100-nm journey to Cabo.
Nordhavn Southwest salesman Devin Zwick is bringing the boat, currently listed for sale,  to the more accessible location on the Baja Penninsula.
The boat endured a couple of false starts before getting going when one routine pre-departure checks revealed one radar and the autopilot not functioning. A fix by Danlee, a tech at a local electronics outfit, had the boat on its way June 7.  Four hours later, the boat had u-turned and was back at the St. Lucia dock, with Danlee once again trying to resolve another electronics issue, this time with the second radar. Zwick, along with Danlee and Jesse from Alcom Electronics on speakerphone, figured out the problem.
On June 8, Zwick and his crew of Matthew Pehkoff and Nicholas Sosa set off. Along the way the boat encountered other electrical issues with the Autopilot, the Nobletech and then on the third day, a generator overheating problem. Zwick didn’t despair though. “You’ve got to anticipate these kinds of things in a boat that hasn’t been used in a while,” he said. “In a way, this delivery is a 3,300-nm shakedown cruise.” In fact Rainbow Chaser had only accumulatd 60 nm under her keel in three years sitting in St. Lucia. “Nordhavns are so robust, with so many redundancies, that even givien a few hiccups in transit, we still felt confident to proceed.”
The crew pulled into Cristobal on June 14 and have been performing boat duties as well as enjoying Panama as they wait for today’s departure. “So far the trip has been beautiful, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets,” Zwick said. “Catching a lot of Dorado and Tuna.  The weather has been behind us the whole way allowing Matt Pehkoff to cook delicious elaborate meals. Six days is a great amount of time to cruise... not to long, not too short.”

Watch Rainbow Chaser as she enters the Gatun Lock at http://www.pancanal.com/eng/photo/camera-java.html.


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