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What Happened This Week


5903 Steadfast completes successful shakedown

This weekend 5903 had a shakedown cruise with owner Ed Stead, his son James, and project manager Garrett Severen aboard. The boat left Palm Beach Wednesday night and ran outside, averaging about a 14-knot cruise to Fort Lauderdale. After the 4-hour run, the crew pulled into Pier 66 marina to overnight, and enjoy a nice dinner of BBQ steaks which they cooked up on the outdoor grill.

The following day Steadfast ran down the ICW to Miami. Speeds varied from 6-12 knots, depending on traffic and they completed the trip in 5 hours. They anchored out in Biscayne Bay then shoved off early the next morning for the Keys.

“We ran everything as hard as we can,” said Garrett. “All systems, even the laundry. If anything wasn’t going to work, it would show itself on this trip.”

Yesterday they departed the Keys and ran a straight shot outside back up to Palm Beach. Today she was moved to Bluffs Marina in Palm Beach where she’ll have some work done.

“It was a great trip,” said Garrett. “The boat performed flawlessly and everyone had a great time. A very happy ship.”

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