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Electrical System

A.C. System per dwg 62-01S-02-ALT1 (50 cycle system optional)

A. Vessel to have two (2) 240 volt 60 cycle systems (house and air conditioning.) (2) Shore power inlets to be 50 amp 240 volt. Current to be distributed thru P.A.E. electrical panels containing 240VAC, 120 VAC AC and 12-volt DC main panels and DC sub panel for pilothouse .
B. (1) Trace 2.5KW battery charger/invertor with remote control panel
C. Outlets to be standard US format 120 VAC. Location shown on drawing.
D. All outlets in head compartment and galley to be GFCI type
E. All external outlets to have water proof covers
F. Shore power inlets located on stb side of foredeck

DC Electrical and Batteries

A. House batteries- 8-8D "Lifeline" AGM @ 255 Ah each for a total of 2,040 amp hours . Each battery is individually controlled by a Hella #87181 on/off disconnect switch.
B. Main engine starting- 2-8D "Lifeline" AGM @ 255 Ah each in parallel.
C. Generator starting- 1-8D "Lifeline" AGM @ 255 Ah each.

Battery cable: to be sized per electrical drawing and color coded #62-017-02.

When possible wiring to be color coded per ABYC standards

All wiring to be "tinned" copper

All wiring connections except behind electrical panels to be sealed with "shrink wrap"

SSB radio round plane and lightning ground per #62-030

Electrolytic control

A. All thru-hulls to be bonded together with a #8 green wire and tied into the 12-volt DC ground system
B. All hardware mounted below water line - i.e. stuffing box, rudder shoe, rudder frame, all thru-hulls, engines, and strainers to be grounded into 12-volt DC ground system
C. Two (2) zinc plates to be tied into the 12-volt DC ground system

AC Genset - Northern lights 20KW with sound shield providing 120/240VAC current 60Hz. Fuel filter to be 900-FG Racor

Electrical Panels

A. Main AC distribution and control panel in passageway stb side
B. Main DC distribution and control panel in passageway stb side
C. Sub DC distribution panel in wheelhouse
D. House battery control panel in crew cabin forward
E. Engine/gen start battery and emergency parallel control panel at entrance to engine room.
F. Generator start/stop panel in passageway stb side

*Specifications subject to change without notice and at the discretion of designers and builders.
**Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

Last updated: 4/20/08



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