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Main overhead lighting throughout interior: Daniel R. Smith "Pearl" 35 watt 120 volt AC . Lighting controlled by wall switches (Approx. 65 lights). Selected circuits to have dimmer function

Exterior overhead lights, F/B and side decks: Daniel R. Smith "Cosica" 20 watt 24 volt DC (approximatelty 20 lights)

Overhead reading lights: Daniel R. Smith "Pearl" 35 watt 120 volt AC direction spot lights controlled from separate switches (approximately 32 lights)

Engine room and lazarette lights

120 volt AC fluorescent (approximately 8 lights)

24 volt DC as emergency lighting Imtra "ER" LED lights (approximately 10 lights)

Courtesy Lights

Exterior: 24 volt DC Imtra "Kodiak" white LED #CN70603 (approximately 30 lights)

Interior: 24 volt DC Imtra "Electra T" white LED #CN72815 stainless steel (approximately 36 lights)

24 volt DC LED white rope lighting under toe space in selected areas interior and exterior. Imtra part #ILMDL-WH-24LED . Per PAE drawing

Hanging locker lights and misellaneous locker lights interior and exterior: 24 volt DC Imtra "Resolux" Stainless steel with micro switches (approximately 20 lights)

Navigation lights and signal lights for vessels over 39' (12 m): Hella Navled Pro

Port navigation light - #2LT 959 900 211 - 9-33 volt

Stbd navigation light - #2LT 959 908 211 - 9-33 volts

Stern light - #2LT 959 909 211 - 9-33 volts

Steaming light - Aqua signal 9-33 volts

Anchor light - #2LT 980 010 011 - 9-33 volts

Restricted maneuverability lights: #55000 x two (2) all around white - #55004 x four (4) all around red. 24 volt

Stainless steel "Light Tower" per PAE design

Owner's cabin and port and starboard guest cabins to have two (2) each 120 volt AC Imtra "Ondine" chrome bronze swing arm reading lights with off-white/chrome hem shades. (6 total)

Accent lights in heads: Two (2) owner's head, Two (2) Port guest head, Two (2) Stbd. Guest head, Two (2) Wheel house head: Imtra "Zeus" 24 volt DC

Deck Floodlights: Two (2) Aqua signal 120 volt/500 watt series 1069 mounted on port and starboard cockpit overhang

Spotlight: Carlisle & Finch 200 watt 120 volt AC spotlight #XY2EDE-RF with dual station remote controls. Unit mounted on forward wheel house roof

Under water lights from Underwater lights USA, four (4) SV 10/230v 150w

*Specifications subject to change without notice and at the discretion of designers and builders.
**Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length





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