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Standard Specifications - 50hz (Preliminary)

*Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer's selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length.

LOA: 23.8 m ( 78'-1 1/4")

LWL: 21.03 m (69' 0")

BEAM: 6.4 m (21' 0")

DRAFT: 2.34 m (7' 8")







Hull lamination schedule per PAE design the area below water line to use "Isophthalic" Gelcoat and vinyl ester resin for the first three (3) layers. Deck lamination schedule per construction plan per PAE design. “Cymax” fiberglass will be used for all deck lamination and small part lamination. 2 mm Coremat to be added to lamination to eliminate print through

Standard Gelcoat Colors from Arocoat color chart. Gelcoat for deck and superstructure to be Ferro brand "Ultra Shield" white
Hull- Arocoat #340 Gray
Deck and deck house - Ferro Ultrashield White
Boot top - Arocoat #348 Dark Blue
Non-skid: Arocoat - light gray - to match CCP color chart #A139
Flybridge/Hardtop - Ferro Ultrashield White

Cabin side (vertical surfaces): Klegecell # R75 varying degrees of thickness
Cabin top and main deck (horizontal surfaces): Baltec or equivalent vertical end grain balsa, 2.5 cm (1") thick
Hull and Bulbous bow: Solid series of laminates

Deck/Hull Joint
Between deck and hull flange: 3M 5200
Inside of joint: Three (3) layers M. & W.R. (where accessible)
Mechanical fastening: 9.5 mm x 14 thru-bolt on 20.3 cm center (3/8" x 14 thru-bolt on 8" centers)

Longitudinal Stringer
Hull: Nine (9) full length each port and starboard (total of 18), engine beds and floor stringers

Ballast: Approx. 9091 kg (20,000 lbs) lead fixed. Vessel trimmed to suit after launch in An Ping Harbor

Main engines: Twin Cummins QSM11DM-425 Engines rated at 425 HP @ 1800 RPM 24VDC heat exchanged (PAE to provide.)
Gear Box: ZF550 V remote "V" Drive, 2.96:1 reduction with clutchable PTO x two (2)
Engine Instrument Panel: Three (3) ED-3 (Electronic Digital Display) instrument panels with alarm that will monitor Tachometer, Station active, Engine oil pressure, Engine water temp, Fuel consumption GPH, System voltage, Gear oil temp, Gear oil pressure, Alarm on/off button and five step illumination control. The following display choices are available by selection from the ED-3 menu as standard: RPM, Trip fuel consumption, Engine load, Turbo boost, voltage, Fuel pressure, Fuel temp, and Fuel consumption
Alternator: Two (2) Alternators: One (1) 100 amp for starting batteries and one (1) 175 amp for the house batteries
Engine Controls: ZFME Electronic controls with brushed stainless steel finish four (4) stations: wheel house, fly bridge and aft deck, and engine room
"Air Sep" Crankcase ventilation
Two (2) 4D Batteries connected in series for 24 volt start
Engine Bed to have 12.7 mm (1/2”) polished stainless steel cap
Engine mounted on four (4) vibration resilient mounts

Propeller: Hungshen 127 cm x …….cm (50" x -----") five (5) blade left hand rotation I.S.O. class 1

Propeller Shaft: A22HS 8.89 cm (3-1/2") diameter x two (2)
Taper details: Standard SAE
Spurs line cutters on main engine shafts

Stern tube: FRP
Bearing: Rubber cutlass type at aft and fwd ends
Stuffing Box: PYI Dripless x two (2)
Use "T" bolt clamps in lieu of hose clamps on stuffing box

Fuel Filter: One (1) Racor 900MAX duplex with 10 micron filter elements in addition to secondary engine mounted filters (one (1) each engine) two (2) total

Engine Cooling System
Raw water heat exchanger
6.4 cm (2 1/2") diameter Dual Groco intake strainers x two (2)
To be filled with specified mixture of coolant/antifreeze

Engine Room Floors: All engine room floors and structural members to be FRP with white gel coated surfaces

Noise Control
Hull Damping - Area above the propeller rotation plane to be treated with two (2) layers of E-A-R Specialty Composites Isodamp CN Tiles (CN-62), alternating between resin and chopped glass to form a constrained layer damping system to be the inboard side of the shell plate
Engine room ceiling and aft side of fwd bulkhead, Inboard tank sides, forward side of engine room aft bulkhead to be treated with 5.08 cm ( 2") 3M Thinsulate and 5.08 cm (2") thick Soundown or equivalent before being covered with white aluminum panels by Soundown
Salon/galley and wheel house cabin sole to have 5.08 cm (2") 'Nida Core' core system and 6.4 mm (1/4") Soundown or equivalent "decoupler" layer
Engine room hatches to have rubber gasket and lock down mechanism
Soundown Quite Pro lining or equivalent covering engine room intake and exhaust ventilating ducts, 2.5 cm ( 1”) thick secured with epoxy and mechanical fasteners
Seal all holes and cracks in engine room parameter to prevent noise leakage
Insulated bulkheads in living areas with 2.5 cm (1") 3M Thinsulate

Engine Room Ventilation: (See Air Conditioning Systems and Ventilation Systems)

Wet Exhaust System: engineered by Marine Exhaust Systems
Muffler: Marine Exhaust Systems with 15.2 cm (6") inlet flange and 20.3 cm (8") outlet flange
Marine Exhaust Systems risers with black epoxy heat shield coating

Generator #1
Generator Onan model #MDDCA 40 kW 120/240 VAC 50 Hz
Wet exhaust system using gen-sep water/air separator
24 volt start
Alternator: 20 amp
Install remote engine panel in the pilothouse

Generator #2
Generator Onan model #MDKBT 27.5 kW 120/240 VAC 50 Hz
Wet exhaust system using gen-sep water/air separator
24 volt start
Alternator: 20 amp
Install remote engine panel in the pilothouse

ABT Hydraulic System to include following
50 HP bow and 38 HP stern thrusters using 40.6 cm (16") and 35.6 cm (14") tunnels with proportional controls at three (3) stations.
Hydraulically powered anchor wash pump - 681 Liters (180 gallons) per minute
Hydraulically powered 681 Liters (180 gallons) per minute emergency bilge pump with manifold system and plumbing to five (5) bilge areas
TRAC #370 digital stabilizer system with 3.6 sq.m. (16 sq.ft) fins and dual station control. Stainless steel kelp cutters forward of fins tied to bonding system. System is without winglet assembly.
Two (2) Maxwell VWC 4500 windlasses with three (3) station controls for each, W/H, F/B and aft deck. Each windlass to have band brakes
Hydraulics cooled by diverted raw water for engines cooling through two (2) heat exchangers. One (1) on the return side and one (1) on the case drain side
System is power with two (2) pumps one on each gear box.

Work Bench to have swivel vise, sink and tool box in engine room

Air Conditioning System
Cruisair Tempered Water System (chilled water) 108,000 BTU/hr 230 VAC 50 Hz
Modular Tempered Unit: Three (3) MTC36
Control Panel: MPEDR2UC1 (TALC 2-Unit Panel, 2 Pump Relays 230 volt 1 PH)
Air Handlers BP 230 volt
Two (2) x Cruisair CBBL9C - Lower Mid Cabin/Laundry Room
Two (2) x Cruisair CBBL12C - Master Stateroom
Two (2) x Cruisair CBBL18C - Salon
One (1) x Cruisair CBBL12C - Galley
One (1) x Cruisair CBBL12C / One (1) Cruisair CBBL18C - Wheel House
One (1) x Cruisair CBBL18C - Crew
One (1) x Cruisair CBSB24C Slimline - Engine room
Circ Pump: 225500178
Sea Water Pump: PS1500BX
Eight (8) SMXHT Digital controls
Eight (8) CXP10 Cable Interconnect
Eight (8) TSEP10 Cable Temp Sensing Element with RF-11
EXT120 Expansion Tank-TW-Bladder
BFC27 Balancing Flow Control
1060915 Automatic Vent
1070200 Backflow Preventer Valve
1070201 Pressure Regulator Valve

Engine Room Ventilation System
Two (2) Intake Blowers - Grainger #3C964 230 VAC 50/60 Hz rated at 1,210 CFM @ 0.0" SP @ 60 Hz. Two (2) louvered vents on aft deck wings with screened blower inlet
One (1) Exhaust Blower -Grainger #IXJY4 230 VAC 50/60 Hz rated at 1,210 CFM @ 0.0" SP @ 60 Hz.
Fire/Smoke Dampers: Ruskin CD36 Low Leakage Control Damper, 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm (12"x12") Stainless Steel Rear Flanged equipped with a side mounted Honeywell H-2024 (24 volt DC) Fast-Acting, Two Position Actuator. One (1) damper each installed on the engine room side of each blower for easy access. Each damper will be normally open and will close on Seafire actuation.
Auto Blower Stop and Damper Closure on Engine Room Seafire Actuation (See Fire Protection System)
Note: See Noise Control Item Section B.9.f

Lazarette and Forward Machinery Compartment
One (1) Exhaust Blower each compartment (3 Total) - Jabsco Model #36740-0010 rated at 150 CFM 24 volt DC
Auto Blower Stop on Seafire Actuation in the compartment

One (1) Exhaust Blower each head (5 total) - Jabsco Model #36740-0010 rated at 150 CFM 24volt DC. On/Off wall switch for blower start and stop
10 minute timer for each exhaust fan

One (1) Supply Blower for master, 2 guest staterooms and crew (4 total). Jabsco Model #36740-0010 rated at 150 CFM 24volt DC. On/Off wall switch for blower start and stop
Outside air supplied from a louvered intake and ducted to the stateroom. Exhaust air from each stateroom routed to berthing passageway
Blower located to insure minimal noise in stateroom

Seafire Fixed System Fire Extinguishers
Engine Room
One (1) x Seafire Model #FD-1500-M
One (1) x Seafire Automatic Engine Shutdown System Model #131-261
24 volt DC for main engine, generators, engine room blowers, fire/smoke dampers
One (1) x Seafire Manual Discharge Cable 9.14 m (30') Model #135-030
One (1) x Seafire Model #FD-300-M
One (1) x Seafire Deluxe Discharge Alarm Model #131-411
Forward Bilge
One (1) x Seafire Model #FD-300-M
One (1) x Seafire Deluxe Discharge Alarm Model #131-411

Portable Fire Extinguishers
Pilot House, Flybridge, Galley, Salon, and Master Stateroom: One (1) each USCG TYPE B-II (5 total)
Guest and Crew Cabins: One (1) each USCG TYPE B-1 (3 total)

Kobelt Hydraulic Steering System - 35 degree Rudder Deflection, Single Station (wheel house) 13 turns HO/HO
Recessed Helm Pump x one (1): Model #7012-AL
Cylinder x one (1): Model #7085-B20 5.08 cm ( 2") Bore with -----cm (------ ") stroke
Safety and Bypass Valve: Model# 7020
Twin Tiller Arm: Model# 7086-T with 7.62 cm (3") bore
Single Tiller Arm: Model# 7086-S with 7.62 cm (3") bore
Filler/Header Tank: Model #7002-AC w/ sight glass and breather
Rod ends x two (2) Model #7085-0004
Tie bar end w/ nut x two (2) Model #7085-1004

Hydraulic Lines: Seamless copper tubing 1.9 cm (3/4") I.D. with reinforced rubber hydraulic lines to the hydraulic rams

Steering Wheel - One (1) 76.2 cm (30") stainless steel destroyer type in wheel house

Emergency Tiller: To attach to top of rudderpost and stow in lazarette - fabricated of stainless steel with 2.5 cm (1") I.D. stainless steel eyes welded 25.4 cm (10") in from the end of the tiller arm for attaching a block and tackle rig. 10.

Stainless Steel Steering Manifold located in Lazarette with valves for two (2) autopilot pumps

Rudder Stock: x two (2) 8.89 cm (3-1/2") A22HS

Rudder: x two (2) 1.27 cm ( 1/2") #316 stainless steel plate rudder with stiffening ribs and FRP sheathing with NACA foils shape

Rudder Carrier Shoe: Two piece fabricated 316 stainless steel. Main piece fastened to hull by rivets. Aft piece removable so that rudder can be removed. Shoe to be tied into bonding system and to have attached zinc plate

Rudder Stock Stuffing Box: x two (2) Bronze traditional style

Rudder Stock Tube: x two (2) FRP with bronze/rubber cutlass bearing at the bottom
"T" bolt clams at stuffing box

Water Tanks
Number and capacity: One (1) tank totaling 2271.2 Liters ( 600 gallons)
Material: Fiberglass from male molds with FDA approved gel coated interior
Inspection plates: Appropriately positioned and sized for access
Tanks air tested to 2.04 kg ( 4.5 pounds) per sq. inch
"Wema" level gauge
Sight gauge
Tank baffles to be spaced approximately on 60.96 cm (24") centers
Exterior of tank finished in blue gel coat
Tank to comply with ABYC section H-23 for potable water systems for use on boats
Cleanliness: Tank interior surfaces to be thoroughly vacuumed and wiped down prior to final closure
All hoses and cables running through watertight bulkheads to be ran through Roxtec and Ta Shing designed watertight fittings

Fuel Tanks
Number and capacity: Six (6) main tanks totaling 20,062 Liters ( 5300 gallons) with one centerline aluminum “Day Tank” at 1514 Liters (400 gallons)
FRP construction from male molds using Vinylester resin. To comply with all ABYC codes for diesel fuel tanks. Tanks to be coated with fire retardant Gelcoat on outside to comply with ABYC section H-33.20 for fire resistance per PAE's design
Inspection Plates appropriately positioned for interior access by average size man. Plates to be fitted with labels that contain all information as stated in ABYC section H-33.16.3. Each internal baffle to have a removable panel to allow access to entire interior of all fuel tanks
Fuel system to include a powder coated aluminum "Day Tank". A light and audible alarm in wheelhouse if excessive water is present. Day Tank fitted with five (5) draw spigots for main, two (2) generators, wing engine and spare - mounted at lower level of reservoir but above water sensing probe. All returns from main, wing and generator plumbed into day tank via a return manifold
Exterior of each tank to be painted red
Each tank to be air tested to 2.04 kg (4.5 pounds) per sq. inch
Provide baffles on approximately 60.96cm (24") centers
Transfer manifold and 24 volt DC Oberdorfer gear pump (#OB992Q-10-F18BCT) 14.61 liters (3.86 gallons) per minute fuel pump with timer switch and Racor 1000 fuel filter with 10 micron element which can transfer fuel from one tank to another and scrub fuel while transferring
Transfer polishing system is through an Alfa Laval fuel centrifuge. This can draw in from any fuel tank and return to any tank while boat is under way
Cleanliness: tank interior surfaces to be vacuumed and wiped clean before final closure
Each tank to have two (2) 2.5 cm (1”) I.D. vent lines
Each tank to have separate 5.08 cm (2”) I.D. fill pipe located a minimum distance of 45.722 cm (18”) from any ventilation openings
All hardware that comes in contact with fuel to be bonded into the 24 volt DC ground system

Fuel Pipe and Hose
All Transfer fuel lines to 19 mm (3/4") I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings
Fuel line from Day Tank to main engine filter is 16 mm (5/8") I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings
Fuel lines from Day Tank to generators to be 12.7 mm (1/2”) I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged fittings
Vent lines to be fuel certified, reinforced hose 2.5 cm (1”) I.D

Water Hoses
Cold water: Hose from water tanks to water pump should be reinforced suction rated hose. Hose from pump to accumulator should be pressure rated reinforced hose. Branch lines to be 12.7 mm (1/2") Shurflo semi-rigid tubing (blue)
Hot water: Shurflo 12.7 mm (1/2") semi rigid tubing (red)
Sea water hoses: Reinforced for marine use and provided with double stainless steel clamps below the water line
All hoses used shall meet the requirements for service as set out by ABYC for the system intended

Heater: RHEEM Vanguard Low Boy, 178 Liters (47 gallons) with dual 240 volt AC elements for quick recovery

Thru Hulls: Bronze body, Stainless Steel Balls and Teflon seats
Grounding wire: #6 gauge green wire
Each thru hull to have a clearly visible tag indicating use
Each thru hull to be easily accessible

Fresh Water System
Main Pump: Headhunter Mach 5 Model #M5-230 volt with pressure regulator and Groco WSA-1000 strainer on pump inlet
Groco #PST5 accumulator tank with pressure gauge
Hose from water tank to water pumps and to accumulator to be 2.5 cm (1") diameter reinforced and approved for potable water
Back up Pump: Head hunter "X-Caliber" 12-24 volt DC pump Model # XR-124
Filter: US water filter housing with a 5 micron sediment filter installed downstream of fresh water discharge manifold
Pump Selection Manifolds, two (2): Pump inlet and discharge manifolds made of stainless steel standard pipe. Supply manifold furnished with isolation ball valve to each fresh water pump, and from the water maker. Discharge manifold furnished with isolation valves from each pump

Plumbing Fixtures
Head sinks - Four (4) total: Owner's , Guest x two (2), and Crew. Kohler "Verticyl" #K-2882 rectangular white
W/H Captain- Kohler #K-2209 Oval white
Galley sink: Double Stainless Steel Kohler
Head faucets: Four (4) total Grohe "Allure" Model# 32128-0000 chrome
Galley and Laundry room sink faucet: Grohe Model# 32999 1 K0 chrome/black
Laundry room sink local stainless steel
Engine room sink, fly bridge and aft deck sink: local made stainless steel
Shower fixtures: Relexa Plus Champagne Hand Shower System Four (4) Model # 28647. #19375 Pressure Balance Valve
Toilet paper holders: Grohe Allure #40279 x four (4)
Towel bars: Grohe Allure # 40341 x seven (7)
Grohe soap dispensers at each sink except F/B and Aft deck

Bilge Pumps
Electric: Five (5) Par Jabsco 34600-0010 24 volt 10.8 gallons (40.9 Liters) per minute Diaphragm 1" (2.5 cm) diameter ports, with "Ultra Senior" 24 volt auto float switch #UPS-01-24/32. One (1) in each water tight compartment
Manual: Five (5) Edson Model #638 AL. One (1) in each water tight compartment
Hydraulic drive emergency pump: One (1) "Pacer" 681 Liters (180 gallons) per minute plumbed to all water tight compartments. Manifold for emergency pump to be located in easily accessible location
High Water Bilge Pump System - Engine Room: RULE Model 16A, 14006 Liters (3700 gallons) per hour, 24 volt AC, RULE Model #33AL High Water Bilge Alarm, and "Ultra Senior" bilge switch
High Water Bilge Alarm Panel - Pilot House High water bilge sense will come from std. Ultra Senior in each bilge compartment. Visual and audio alarm panel in pilot house

Toilets and Holding Tank System
All toilets, four (4) total, to be Tecma Silence Plus
Water supply to toilets to be fresh water only
Holding Tank: One (1) FRP 1136 Liters (300 gallons) holding tank
Use only PVC pipe or Trident "Odor Safe" hose
Holding tank overboard pumps: Edson "Bone Dry" #120ELB 75.7 Liters (20 gallons) per minute 120/208-230 volt AC electric and Edson "Bone Dry" #557BR 113.61 Liters ( 30 gallons) per minute manual pump
Holding tank vent to use Sealand# 310002 vent filter
Deck fitting for portable evacuation facility
Holding Tank Level Monitor: Sealand 24 volt Tank Watch 4 Panel/Tank Master Panel and Cap with Vent, 1.14 m (45") probes Part #600115, including Universal Flange, 7.62 cm NPT, (3" NPT) with gasket and stainless steel hardware, 24 volt
Install Tecma 2 button marine wall switch in each head
Install "Do Not Flush" panel at every toilet
Black water hoses to Trident #102 hose

Fresh Water Outlets on the foredeck, aft deck, flybridge and one (1) in engine room using stainless steel spigots

Gray Water System
Tank: One (1) FRP 1136 Liters (300 gallons) tank. All sinks, showers, and air conditioning condensate to drain to tank. All drains to have "P" traps and sloped down hill run to tank. Tank equipped with electric and manual discharge pumps, level switch for pump starting, and level monitor system
Electric Discharge Pump: Sealand T24 Discharge Pump. Pump inlet to draw with 2.5 cm (1") of the absolute bottom of the tank. Pump to discharge overboard through anti siphon loop
Level Monitor System: Sealand 24 volt Tank Watch 4 Panel/Tank Master Panel and Cap with Vent, 1.14 m (45") probes part #600115, including Universal Flange 7.62 cm (3") NPT with gasket and stainless steel hardware
Manual back up pump: Edson Model #638AL
Install "Hepvo" odor valve on the gray water system before tank

Transom Shower "Scandvik" #101513-MR

LPG System with two (2) 13.61 kg (30 lbs.) aluminum LPG bottles with "Trident" two stage regulator and "Xintex" monitor panel #XINTX#S-2A with two (2) sniffers. Locker to be top loading and located under the port side fwd. F/B console. Built to all ABYC recommended standards.

Individual Raw Water Inlet thru hulls per item requiring raw water
Main engines, generator(s), water maker intake and air conditioning
Each inlet to have Groco strainer
Each thru hull on the exterior to have grate installed to keep debris out

Oil Change System
System utilizes a 120 volt AC Oberdorfer Gear Pump Model #OBN993M-F36-RC (18.17 Liters {4.8 gallons} per minute) to drain and fill engine lube oil from/to crankcases of main, and generator(s) engines. Pump is controlled by a three (3) position switch mounted at pump location. Switch positions to be labeled "ENGINE OIL DRAIN", "OFF", "ENGINE OIL FILL"
Manifold, pump and control switch to be located in an accessible and comfortable location. Engine side of manifold to include isolation valves for each engine. Pump discharge/fill side to include a hose of suitable length for drawing from and discharging to a locally placed container

All Pumps and Motors to be mounted on starboard and PVC pads

Vessel is fitted with two (2) 230 volt AC shore inlets. House shore power is fed through a 12KVA isolation transformer. The air conditioning may be operated from the house shore power or from its own dedicated shore power inlet which is equipped with a galvanic isolator. The air conditioning may be operated from either 50 Hz or 60 Hz current. Current is distributed through custom PAE electrical panels containing 230 VAC and amp meters and individual breakers for functions
One (1) 3.5 kW 24 volt inverter/charger with remote control panel. Electrical panel is fitted with an inverter bypass switch in the event of failure
AC Outlets are standard Vimar set-up for owner's home country
All Vimar outlets in head compartment, galley, Engine Room and exterior are GFCI type
All external outlets have water proof covers
Two (2) Glendinning shore power cord retrieval systems are provided. One each for the 230 volt house shore power and air conditioning shore power. Each system to be provided with 30.48 m (100') of shore power cable
Install two (2) 30.48 m (100') 100 amp shore cords at the transom for the Glendinning system

DC power is provided by 12 volt DC and 24 volt DC systems. The primary DC system is 24 volts and the secondary system is 12 volts for any equipment that is available in 12 volts only
Standard Batteries are provided as follows:
24 volt DC house battery bank - Consists of eight (8) 8D, 12 volt AGM Batteries @ 255 Ah each. Four groups of two (2) batteries each are connected in parallel. The two groups are connected in series to provide a total battery bank rating of 1000 amp/hr at 24 volt
12 volt DC house power is drawn from one (1) 8D battery located in the Pilot House
Main engine starting - Two (2) 4D AGM Batteries connected in series for 24 volt starting. Switching logic to parallel with 24 volt house bank for emergency starting (each engine)
40 kW Generator starting - Two (2) Group 31 AGM Batteries connected in series for 24 volt starting
27.5 kW Generator starting - Two (2) Group 31 AGM Batteries connected in series for 24 volt starting

24 Volt Battery charging is provided in the following ways
The inverter/charger provide a total of about 100 amps at 24 volts
One (1) Victron Skylla 100 amp charger which operates on 230 VAC-50 Hz or 60 Hz. This charger is a back up to the inverter/charger
Main engine starting battery banks are charged from a dedicated alternator on each engine
40 kW Onan generator has a 20 amp 24 volt alternator which charges the starting battery
27.5 kW Onan generator has a 20 amp 24 volt alternator which charges the starting batteries
Xantrax Tru-Charge 20 for the 12 volt battery in the pilothouse

Battery Cable: to be sized and color-coded

Wiring Color Coded per ABYC standards when possible

All Wiring to be "tinned" copper

All Wiring Connections except behind electrical panels to be sealed with "shrink wrap". Connectors to be ring type with closed end seamless construction

SSB Radio Ground Plate and Lightning Ground Systems

Electrolysis Control
All thru hulls to be bonded together with a #6 green wire and tied into the DC grounding system
All hardware mounted below water line - i.e. stuffing boxes, rudder shoes, rudder frames, all thru hulls, engines, and strainers to be tied into bonding system
Three (3) zinc plates to be tied into the bonding system
"Perry nut" zinc on end of each propeller shaft

AC Genset 1- Onan 40 kW #MDDCA with sound shield providing 120/240 VAC current at 50 Hz
AC Genset 2 - Onan 27.5 kW #MDKBT with sound shield providing 120/240 VAC current at 50 Hz
Generator fuel filter- Racor 900FG

Electrical Panels (subject to change)
Main AC distribution and control panel located in foyer at stbd. fwd. salon
Main DC distribution and control panel located in foyer at stbd. fwd. salon
Sub DC distribution panel in wheel house with pump monitor lights
House battery control panel in laundry area
Engine/gen start battery and emergency parallel control panel at entrance to engine room
Generator start/stop panel in wheel house

General: N7617 style joiner work
Cushions to be covered with owners choice of ultraleather
Interior steps to all be teak
Interior lockers and drawers to have Gineico LAM-PKL08CHR square style push button latches (Like N7614)
Interior overhead panels - Majilite, "Nova Suede" #T3D4 Champagne . Removable, held in place by Velcro
Interior door lock sets to be chrome brass Mobella McCoy "Star Square" handles and escutcheon plates. 9 Privacy Latches for Head doors and owner's cabin.
Hanging lockers to have automatic interior lights controlled by micro switch. Lined with "Cedar wood"
Solid (non louvered) cored doors for heads and staterooms 2.5 cm (1") thick
Interior teak woodwork including cabin sole in pilot house to be varnished with 60% satin varnish
Salon tables, pilothouse table to be varnished with high gloss varnish
All hand rails to be teak
Structural bulkheads dividing staterooms and heads to have 1.9 cm (3/4”) furring strips on each side to allow application of 1.9 cm (3/4”) thick sound insulation. The finished bulkhead material of 9.5 mm (3/8”) thickness to be applied over this
Mirrors are located throughout vessel
Ceiling material in all showers to be FRP
All interior drawers to have metal drawer slides from "Blum" full extension in galley
Install Orcas magnetic door catches on all interior doors
All drawers to have varnished plywood finish on the inside
All lockers in the galley, heads, laundry room and pilothouse dash area to be white formica
Lockers in the salon, staterooms and the pilothouse settee and desk area to be teak veneer
All book shelves to have stainless steel fiddles

One (1) Sub Zero #700TCI refrigerator/freezer with icemaker and teak panels
One (1) Sub Zero #700BR drawer refer with teak panels
All drawers in the galley to have varnished finish on the inside
All lockers in the galley to have white formica finish on the inside
Counter top: Granite with micro radiused squared edges, buyers choice from the Taiwan Marble Association catalogue
Flooring: Buyer's choice of tile from the San Marino catalogue, Symphony brand tiles
Cabinet paneling: All teak
Miele microwave #M8261 55.88 cm (22")
Miele electric oven # H5981BP 86.36 cm (34")
Miele hob/cooktop #KM507 76.2 cm (30")
Miele hood #DA3160 60 cm (24")
GE "Monogram" trash compactor #ZCG150LSS 38.1 cm (15") stainless steel
Miele dishwasher #G1272SCVi 60.96 cm (24")
Insinkerator garbage disposal "Insevolution 200" 3/4 HP
Install pot holder rail system with holder arms
Sub Zero 45.72 cm (18") wide wine cooler

Main Salon
Floors: Carpet with Soundown underlayment pad
Cabinet/paneling: Varnished teak
Dinette table: Teak with high gloss varnish. Eight (8) teak chairs with upholstered seats
Locker interior finish: Teak
Drawer interior finish to be varnished plywood
TV lift for a 106.68 cm (42") flat panel TV. (TV not included)
Teak valance/air con soffit port and starboard and aft sides of salon
Two overhead teak hand rails
Teak coffee table starboard side with high gloss varnish
Settee along starboard side with storage underneath
Two custom swivel chairs stbd. side
Mullions for all salon window treatments
Three (3) custom bar stools

Master Cabin
Floors: Carpet with Soundown underlayment pad
Cabinet/paneling: Varnished teak
Walk-in closet interior finish: "Cedar wood" natural finish
TV alcove for flat screen 106.68 cm (42") TV (TV not included)
Vanity/desk with chair
Mattress: Standard king size
Locker interior finish to be teak
Drawer interior finish to be plywood
Settee on port side

Master Head
Flooring: Buyer's choice from the San Marino catalogue, Symphany brand tiles
Counter top: Granite with micro radiused squared edges, buyers choice from the Taiwan Marble Association catalogue
Mirror above sink
Tile/stone lined shower stall
Cabinet/joiner work: All teak
Locker finish: White Formica
Drawer finish: varnished plywood
Head exhaust blower with 30 minute timer
Shower door/wall to be frameless clear glass with Chrome door hinges and handle
Ceiling material in shower to be FRP
Toilet paper holder
Towel bar

P/H Day Head
Flooring: Buyer's choice from the San Marino catalogue, Symphany brand tiles
Counter top: Granite with micro radiused squared edges, buyers choice from the Taiwan Marble Association catalogue
Mirror above sink
Cabinet/joiner work: All teak
Locker interior finish to be white formica
Drawer interior finish to be varnished plywood
Exhaust blower with 10 minute timer
Toilet paper holder
Head floor to be self draining to allow head to act as shower for Captains cabin

Floors: Teak and spruce
Cabinet/joiner work: Varnished teak
Counter tops and instrument panel faces: Formica #939 dark gray
Dinette table: Teak with high gloss varnish
Settee with chart drawers under
Helm seat - Two (2) Stidds 500N-2X2 Low Back "Slimline". Vinyl and pedestal powdercoat color are buyer's choice
Chart light: Imtra #IL5313 Touch LED light, bulkhead mount 48.26 cm (19")
Dash locker interior finish to be white formica
Settee interior locker finish to be teak
Book shelves and chart drawers
Hand rails: One each on the port and starboard forward doors
Compass- Ritchie SS 5000 12.7 cm (5") mounted on teak block
Install Isotherm #65 drinks refrigerator under chart table
Pilothouse console and fwd window mullions to be wrapped with Ultra Leather, owner to choose color
Drawer interior finish to be varnished plywood

Forepeak (Chain Locker)
Shelves: Longitudinal plywood shelves with 12.7 cm ( 5") fiddles provided port and starboard for storage
Anchor line deck hawse fitting
Two pad eyes in locker
Finish: Painted with gel coat
Locker to be divided for dual anchors and chain

Laundry Room
Bulkheads to be finished: Varnished teak
425 liters (15 cu.ft) top load freezer
Floors: Lonseal
Stainless steel sink and faucet with drawers and locker under
Pantry locker
Miele washing machine #W3824 and 240 volt AC Miele dryer #T8422 stacked

Guest Cabins #1 and #2
Floors: Carpet with pad
Cabinetry and joiner work: Teak
Hanging locker with "Cedar wood" lining
Book shelves and lockers outboard of berths
Locker interior finish to be teak
Drawer interior finish to be varnished plywood
Mattresses: Standard 12.7 cm ( 5") foam mattress's covered with cotton mattress ticking
Forced air ventilation system with adjustable blower

Guest cabin heads
Flooring: Buyer's choice from the San Marino catalogue, Symphany brand tiles
Cabinetry: Teak
Shower to be molded FRP
Exhaust blower with 30 minute timer
Counter top: Granite with micro radiused squared edges, buyers choice from the Taiwan Marble Association catalogue
Frameless clear glass shower door/ wall
Ceiling material in shower to be FRP
Toilet paper holder
Towel bar
Locker interior finish to be white formica
Drawer interior finish to plywood
Mirror located above sink

Crew Cabin and Lounge
Floors: Teak and spruce
Dinette with bench and chair
Refrigerator with microwave over
Upper and lower bunks with 12.7 cm (5") foam mattress
Bulkheads to be formica with teak trim

Crew Head
Flooring: Buyer's choice from the San Marino catalogue, Symphany brand tiles
Cabinetry: Formica with teak trim
Shower to be molded FRP
Exhaust blower with 30 minute timer
Counter top: Granite with micro radiused squared edges, buyers choice from the Taiwan Marble Association catalogue
Aluminum/glass bi-fold shower door
Ceiling material in shower to be FRP
Toilet paper holder
Towel bar
Locker interior finish to be white formica
Drawer interior finish to varnished plywood
Mirror located above sink

Captains Cabin aft of W/H
Floors: Carpet with pad
Single bunk with drawers under and storage lockers under
Hanging locker
Access to head

Interior Overhead Lights: 24 volt Imtra " Ventura LED" warm in color. All Lighting controlled by "Vimar" wall switches in black. (Approx. 100 lights)

Exterior Overhead Lights: F/B and side decks: 24 volt Imtra " Ventura LED" cool in color. All Lighting controlled by "Vimar" wall switches in black. (Approx. 25 lights)

Interior Overhead Reading Lights: 24 volt Cantalupi "Tebe" 2000 direction spot lights with individual switches (Approx. 15 lights)

Engine Room and Lazarette Lights
230 volt AC fluorescent (Approx. 8 lights)
24 volt DC "Suzy" (Approx. 8 lights)

Courtesy Lights
Exterior: Imtra "Kodiak" LED, 24 volt stainless steel pt# ILSH70225 (Approx. 30 lights)
Interior: Imtra"Kodiak" LED, 24 volt stainless steel pt# ILSH70205 (Approx. 55 lights)

Hanging Locker Lights: "Resolux" 24 volt, 512 series, pt# IL4682 (Approx. 6 lights)

Navigation Lights and Signal Lights for vessels over 20.02 m (65' 7"): Aqua Signal 55 series
Port nav light - #55300 24 volt
Star nav light - #55200 24 volt
Stern light - #55500 24 volt
Steaming light - #55400 24 volt
Anchor light - #55000 24 volt
Restricted maneuverability lights - #55000 x two (2), all around red. 24 volt.
Stainless steel "Light/Antenna tower"

Reading/Accent Lights
Guest cabin #2 Crew and Captain's cabin to have Imtra "Sydney" lights with switches (5 total)
Owner's Cabin and Guest Cabin #1 have two (2) 24 volt Imtra "Cygnus" chrome bronze swing arm reading lights with Ivory color shade (4 total)
Wheel house settee and port starboard Salon accent lights: Imtra "Auriga"
Imtra "Ocean Chart" light chart table

Deck Floodlights: Three (3) Aqua signal 230 volt/500 watt series 1069 mounted on port and starboard and aft flybridge hardtop/ mast

Carlisle & Finch 200 Watt Spotlight #XY2EDE-RF with dual station remote controls. Unit mounted on the flybridge hardtop


All Horizontal Surfaces on Deck to have a diamond pattern non skid as shown in deck plan - standard non skid to be a contrasting color to deck parameter

Stainless 316 Handrails 3.18 cm (1-1/4") electro polished bases as shown on drawing with the following additional:
N76 transom hand rails
N76 style hand rails along port and starboard side deck coamings
N76 style rail on underside of aft deck overhang
Rail around F/B sink console
Aft deck and aft F/B rail to have teak top rail. Shape and size TBD

Nine (9) 316 Stainless Steel Hawse Fittings: Ten (10) port and starboard 12.7 cm x 25.4 cm (5" x 10") with cleats. Recessed into bulwarks where possible.

Two (2) 316 Stainless Steel Bollards port and starboard of windlass

Upper Rub Rail Cap to be 316 stainless steel 6.35 cm W x 1.1 cm thick (2-1/2" W x 7/16" thick) fastened with flush 316 stainless steel fasteners. Stainless steel caps on upper and lower rub rails

Lower Rub Rail Cap to be 316 stainless steel 3.81 cm W x 1.1 mm thick (1-1/2" W x 5/16" thick)

Manship Ports in Hull and Deck. Ports positioned as follows
Eight (8) starboard side hull 25.4 cm x 50.8 cm (10" x 20") rectangular (all opening)
Nine (9) port side of hull 25.4cm x 50.8 cm (10" x 20") rectangular (all opening)

Windows in Owner's Cabin
Glass to be 1.9 cm (3/4") thick tempered safety with "fritted" edges for glue in installation per Silka Flex
Recesses to be vertical

Foredeck to have solid 316 stainless rail with 3.18 cm (1-1/4") diameter stanchions. Bases to be round with fastening stud welded on bottom. All bases to have drain holes on bottom

Windshield Wipers: "Exalto" two (2) speed self-parking motor, with wash system for five (5) front windows
#EX2167.32 wiper motor 223BS 24 volt/23Nm, for 34.5 mm (1- 3/8”) bulkheads x five (5)
#EX2133 T1 Pantograph arm 26.92 cm (10.6") - 45 cm (17.7") adjustable x five (5)
#EX2171 curved wiper blade 40.64 cm (16") x five (5)
#EX2159 Combo switch for single wiper 24 volt x five (5)
#EX2143 24 volt solenoid valve for wash system x one (1)
#EX2133.03 tubing retainer strip x five (5)
#EX2184 Washing Jet for type 1 adjustable pantograph arm x five (5)
#EX2186 plastic bulkhead connector for 50.04 cm (19.7") - new style
#EX2154 Tubing 6.35 mm (1/4”) soft black five ( 5) meters
#EX2157 Tubing 6.35 mm (1/4”) hard black for push fit plumbing fittings x five (5) meters
#EX2129 elbow 6 mm (.24") x six (6)
#EX2166 T-coupling 6x6x6mm (.24x.24x.24") x four (4)
#EX2119 straight coupling , 6.35 mm (1/4”) x one (1)

Horn: Kahlenberg dual trumpet #D-1 with chrome finish and compressor

Deck Hatches: Per deck plan, two (2) Lewmar #60 "Ocean Series" to include Oceanaire insect and privacy screens. Two Lewmar #20 "Ocean Series" to include Oceanaire insect and privacy screens over captain's cabin.

Access to Flybridge from Wheel House thru hinged cockpit hatch custom built by PCM

Windows by Pacific Coast Marine with 1.27 cm (1/2”) thick laminated tempered glass

All side windows to be tinted glass
Wheel house opening windows x three (3) to be PCM with insect screens
All salon windows are recessed 2.5 cm (1")
Galley windows opening PCM
Aft wheel house corner windows to be 1.27 cm (1/2") tempered safety glass

Aluminum doors by Pacific Coast Marine as follows (Note: interior as well as exterior PCM doors are included in this schedule)
Wheel house - Two (2) ea Weather Tight Dutch door, one (1) L.H. Mortise hinge, one (1) R.H. Mortise hinge. C.O. 53.34 cm x 185.42 cm (21" x 73")
Salon after - One (1) ea, Weather Tight Sliding door. 152.4 cm x 185.42 cm (60" x 73")
Salon port and starboard side - Two (2) ea, Weather Tight Dutch door, R.H. Mortise hinge. C.O. 53.34 cm x 185.42 cm (21" x 73")
Engine room - Two (2) ea, Water Tight model no. PCM4170-W with sound blanket core, painted. L.H. surface mount hinge. C.O. 53.34 cm x 185.42 cm (21" x 73")
Centerline Transom door to be pantograph style water tight painted to match hull color
Flybridge access

Boarding Doors: port and starboard plus two transom gates port and stbd.

Davit: Steelhead ES 680.39 kg (1500 lbs) capacity hydraulic/24 VDC with extendable boom to 365.76 cm (144") mounted on upper aft deck. Davit sized and positioned to launch dinghies from port side

Aft Deck Exterior Cabinet
Sink: Stainless steel to drain directly overboard
Faucet: Shurflo #133-0210-CP
Control alcove for engine control ABT bow and stern thruster jog levers, rudder angle indicator and steering jog, start/stop, air horn push buttons and forward windlass control

Bottom Treatment: Three (3) layers of epoxy barrier coat and three (3) coats of anti fouling paint
Two (2) coats of antifouling to be applied at Ta Shing and one (1) coat to be applied after the boat is hauled out at Kaohsiung before shipment

Anchor Well to Drain through scuppers x two (2) 5.08 cm (2") diameter

All Exterior Lockers to have FRP louvers

FRP Radar Mast with flag halyards port and starboard.

Flybridge with FRP Hardtop, sink, U-Line #CO2175FFS drinks refrigerator with FRP door, and two (2) Stidd "Slimline" helm chairs #500n-2x2 white vinyl and settee with "Sunbrella" cushions and high gloss teak table with stainless steel pedestal and base. Ritchie #SS 5000 compass installed
FRP hardtop finished with smooth Gelcoat, with white painted on non-skid
Access to top of hard top via ladder TBD
Flybridge to drain via Six (6) 5.08 cm ( 2") diameter Scupper drains
BBQ and Stainless steel sink
Granite bar top with three custom stainless steel bar stools
Jacuzzi 4 person spa Model # J-210 Platinum
Stainless venturi with tinted acrylic panels per profile drawing

Stern Capstan Winches: Two (2) Maxwell VC 2200 24 volt port and starboard

Teak Flag Staff 121.92 cm (48") with socket for aft rail

Freeman Watertight Deck Hatch over chain locker, #18HAALR

Anchors: 136.08 kg (300 lbs) stainless steel pool style with custom built stainless steel anchor pockets x two (2)

243.84 m 1.27 cm (800 ft. 1/2") HT Chain in two (2) 121.92 m (400 ft) lengths from port and starboard chain lockers

Swim Ladder: Stainless steel built into "U" rail on centerline

Cleats - Two (2) Pop-up Style 25.4 cm (10") Cleats on swim step port and starboard for dinghy tie up

Windlass: Maxwell VWC 4500 hydraulic with band brake and 1.27 cm (1/2") HT chain gypsy x two (2)

Maxwell "RST" Chain Roller Stopper Tensioner for 1.27 cm (1/2") diameter HT chain x two (2)

All Exterior Locker Doors to use "Perko" fig. 777 flush hatch dogs as latch

All Exterior Door Keepers to be ABI #2039CH

Large Pad Eye at stem through boot top 3.18 cm (1-1/4") O.D integral to Aritex anchor pocket

Life Raft Pads port and starboard side of upper deck

Four (4) "U" Shaped Rails across swim step

Nordhavn Name Plates x two (2) port and starboard side

All Deck Washes to be installed in recessed FRP boxes with FRP doors

Ship loose two (2) left hand shaft zincs and two (2) right hand shaft zincs
Ship Loose four (4) B4 plate zincs

Boat Deck Support Posts: 15.24 cm (6") diameter stainless steel

*Specifications are subject to change at the discretion of designers and builders

*Specifications subject to change without notice and at the discretion of designers and builders.
**Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

Last updated: 1/20/10


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