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Plumbing System

Water Tanks

Number and capacity: One (1) tank totaling 600 gallons (2271.2 Liters)

Material: Fiberglass from male molds with FDA approved gel coated interior

Inspection plates: Appropriately positioned and sized for access

Tanks air tested to 4.5 pounds (2.04 kg) per sq. inch

"Wema" level gauge

Sight gauge

Tank baffles to be spaced approximately on 24" (61 cm) centers

Exterior of tank finished in blue gel coat

Tank to comply with ABYC section H-23 for potable water systems for use on boats

Cleanliness: Tank interior surfaces to be thoroughly vacuumed and wiped down prior to final closure

All hoses and cables running through watertight bulkheads to be ran through Roxtec and Ta Shing designed watertight fittings

Fuel Tanks

Number and capacity: Six (6) main tanks totaling 5300 gallons (20,062 Liters) with one centerline aluminum “Day Tank” at 400 gallons (1514 Liters)

FRP construction from male molds using Vinylester resin. To comply with all ABYC codes for diesel fuel tanks. Tanks to be coated with fire retardant Gelcoat on outside to comply with ABYC section H-33.20 for fire resistance per PAE's design

Inspection Plates appropriately positioned for interior access by average size man. Plates to be fitted with labels that contain all information as stated in ABYC section H-33.16.3. Each internal baffle to have a removable panel to allow access to entire interior of all fuel tanks

Fuel system to include a powder coated aluminum "Day Tank". A light and audible alarm in wheelhouse if excessive water is present. Day Tank fitted with five (5) draw spigots for main, two (2) generators, wing engine and spare - mounted at lower level of reservoir but above water sensing probe. All returns from main, wing and generator plumbed into day tank via a return manifold

Exterior of each tank to be painted red

Each tank to be air tested to 4.5 pounds (2.04 kg) per sq. inch

Provide baffles on approximately 24" (61 cm) centers

Transfer manifold and 24 volt DC Oberdorfer gear pump (#OB992Q-10-F18BCT) 3.86 gallons (14.61 liters) per minute fuel pump with timer switch and Racor 1000 fuel filter with 10 micron element which can transfer fuel from one tank to another and scrub fuel while transferring

Transfer polishing system is through an Alfa Laval fuel centrifuge. This can draw in from any fuel tank and return to any tank while boat is under way

Cleanliness: tank interior surfaces to be vacuumed and wiped clean before final closure

Each tank to have two (2) 1” (2.5 cm) I.D. vent lines

Each tank to have separate 2” (5.08 cm) I.D. fill pipe located a minimum distance of 18” (45.7 cm) from any ventilation openings

All hardware that comes in contact with fuel to be bonded into the 24 volt DC ground system

Fuel Pipe and Hose

All Transfer fuel lines to 3/4" (19mm) I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings

Fuel line from Day Tank to main engine filter is 5/8" (16 mm) I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings

Fuel lines from Day Tank to generators to be 1/2” (12.7 mm) I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged fittings

Vent lines to be fuel certified, reinforced hose 1” (2.5 cm) I.D

Water Hoses

Cold water: Hose from water tanks to water pump should be reinforced suction rated hose. Hose from pump to accumulator should be pressure rated reinforced hose. Branch lines to be 1/2" (12.7 mm) Shurflo semi-rigid tubing (blue)

Hot water: Shurflo 1/2" (12.7 mm) semi rigid tubing (red)

Sea water hoses: Reinforced for marine use and provided with double stainless steel clamps below the water line

All hoses used shall meet the requirements for service as set out by ABYC for the system intended

Heater: RHEEM Vanguard Low Boy, 47 gallon (178 Liter) with dual 240 volt AC elements for quick recovery

Thru Hulls: Bronze body, Stainless Steel Balls and Teflon seats

Grounding wire: #6 gauge green wire

Each thru hull to have a clearly visible tag indicating use

Each thru hull to be easily accessible

Fresh Water System

Main Pump: Headhunter Mach 5 Model #M5-120/60 - 120 volt with pressure regulator and Groco WSA-1000 strainer on pump inlet

Groco #PST5 accumulator tank with pressure gauge

Hose from water tank to water pumps and to accumulator to be 1" (2.5 cm) diameter reinforced and approved for potable water

Back up Pump: Head hunter "X-Caliber" 12-24 volt DC pump Model # XR-124

Filter: US water filter housing with a 5 micron sediment filter installed downstream of fresh water discharge manifold

Pump Selection Manifolds, two (2): Pump inlet and discharge manifolds made of stainless steel standard pipe. Supply manifold furnished with isolation ball valve to each fresh water pump, and from the water maker. Discharge manifold furnished with isolation valves from each pump

Plumbing Fixtures

Head sinks - Four (4) total: Owner's , Guest x 2, and Crew. Kohler "Verticyl" #K-2882 rectangular white

W/H Captain- Kohler #K-2209 Oval white

Galley sink: Double Stainless Steel Kohler

Head faucets: Five (5) total Grohe "Allure" Model# 32128-0000 chrome

Galley and Laundry room sink faucet: Grohe Model# 32999 1 K0 chrome/black

Laundry room sink local stainless steel

Engine room sink, fly bridge and aft deck sink: local made stainless steel

Shower fixtures: Relexa Plus Champagne Hand Shower System Five (5) Model # 28647. #19375 Pressure Balance Valve

Toilet paper holders: Grohe Allure #40279 x 5

Towel bars: Grohe Allure # 40341 x 8

Grohe soap dispensers at each sink except F/B and Aft deck

Bilge Pumps

Electric: Five (5) Par Jabsco 34600-0010 24 volt 10.8 gallons (40.9 Liters) per minute Diaphragm 1" (2.5 cm) diameter ports, with "Ultra Senior" 24 volt auto float switch #UPS-01-24/32. One (1) in each water tight compartment

Manual: Five (5) Edson Model #638 AL. One (1) in each water tight compartment

Hydraulic drive emergency pump: One (1) "Pacer" 180 gallons (681 Liters) per minute plumbed to all water tight compartments. Manifold for emergency pump to be located in easily accessible location

High Water Bilge Pump System - Engine Room: RULE Model 16A, 3700 gallons (14006 Liters) per hour, 24 volt AC, RULE Model #33AL High Water Bilge Alarm, and "Ultra Senior" bilge switch

High Water Bilge Alarm Panel - Pilot House High water bilge sense will come from std. Ultra Senior in each bilge compartment. Visual and audio alarm panel in pilot house

Toilets and Holding Tank System

All toilets, five (5) total, to be Tecma Silence Plus

Water supply to toilets to be fresh water only

Holding Tank: One (1) FRP 300 gallon (1136 Liter) holding tank

Use only PVC pipe or Trident "Odor Safe" hose

Holding tank overboard pumps: Edson "Bone Dry" #120ELB 20 gallon (75.71 Liters) per minute 120/208-230 volt AC electric and Edson "Bone Dry" #557BR 30 gallon (113.56 Liters) per minute manual pump

Holding tank vent to use Sealand# 310002 vent filter

Deck fitting for portable evacuation facility

Holding Tank Level Monitor: Sealand 24 volt Tank Watch 4 Panel/Tank Master Panel and Cap with Vent, 45" (1.14 m) probes Part #600115, including Universal Flange, 3" NPT (7.6 cm, NPT) with gasket and stainless steel hardware, 24 volt

Install Tecma 2 button marine wall switch in each head

Install "Do Not Flush" panel at every toilet

Black water hoses to Trident #102 hose

Fresh Water Outlets on the foredeck, aft deck, flybridge and one (1) in engine room using stainless steel spigots

Gray Water System

Tank: One (1) FRP 300 gallon (1136 Liter) tank. All sinks, showers, and air conditioning condensate to drain to tank. All drains to have "P" traps and sloped down hill run to tank. Tank equipped with electric and manual discharge pumps, level switch for pump starting, and level monitor system

Electric Discharge Pump: Sealand T24 Discharge Pump. Pump inlet to draw with 1" (2.5 cm) of the absolute bottom of the tank. Pump to discharge overboard through anti siphon loop

Level Monitor System: Sealand 24 volt Tank Watch 4 Panel/Tank Master Panel and Cap with Vent, 45" (1.14 m) probes part #600115, including Universal Flange 3" (7.6 cm) NPT with gasket and stainless steel hardware

Manual back up pump: Edson Model #638AL

Install "Hepvo" odor valve on the gray water system before tank

Transom Shower "Scandvik" #101513-MR

LPG System with two (2) 30 lb. (13.61 kg) aluminum LPG bottles with "Trident" two stage regulator and "Xintex" monitor panel #XINTX#S-2A with two (2) sniffers. Locker to be top loading and located under the port side fwd. F/B console. Built to all ABYC recommended standards.

Washer/Dryer - Bosch Washing Machine #WAS 24460UC and 240 volt AC Bosch Dryer #WTV 76100US located in Laundry room on lower level

Individual Raw Water Inlet thru hulls per item requiring raw water

Main engines, generator(s), water maker intake and air conditioning

Each inlet to have Groco strainer

Each thru hull on the exterior to have grate installed to keep debris out

Oil Change System

System utilizes a 120 volt AC Oberdorfer Gear Pump Model #OBN993M-F36-RC (4.8 gallon {18.17 Liter} per minute) to drain and fill engine lube oil from/to crankcases of main, and generator(s) engines. Pump is controlled by a three (3) position switch mounted at pump location. Switch positions to be labeled "ENGINE OIL DRAIN", "OFF", "ENGINE OIL FILL"

Manifold, pump and control switch to be located in an accessible and comfortable location. Engine side of manifold to include isolation valves for each engine. Pump discharge/fill side to include a hose of suitable length for drawing from and discharging to a locally placed container

All Pumps and Motors to be mounted on starboard and PVC pads

*Specifications subject to change without notice and at the discretion of designers and builders.
**Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

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