Nordhavn Advantage

Welcome to the Nordhavn Advantage. This column, written by PAE staff, details all the special and unique ways P.A.E. sets itself apart from the rest of the marine industry. We’ve long been recognized for the hands-on approach each employee uses to ensure our boats are superior and our owners are well taken care of. But there are so many other steps the company takes to provide the utmost buying and cruising experience for our clients. The Nordhavn motto is “Our boats are oceans apart from the rest.” See why our company is, too.

Part I: The Nordhavn Operators Manual

There are a lot of great books that boaters keep on board their vessels. Being on a boat is a great place to read, and many trawler owners amass great libraries for personal enjoyment.   Pleasure reading, cruising guides and nautical-themed books are the most common tomes found, but if you ask any Nordhavn owner what their favorite and most indispensable piece of literature is on board, I'm sure it would be unanimous: The Nordhavn Operators Manual. read more

Part II: Our Owners Know Their Nordhavns

Surely one of the great moments of Nordhavn ownership is the satisfaction and pride felt after safely completing your first long trip at sea. After all, Nordhavns are complicated machines, so knowing that you have successfully commanded your own ship generates a tremendous sense of self-accomplishment. read more

Part III: Knowledge is Power

At Nordhavn, we pride ourselves on our superior product, and we are particular about each component that goes into it. We have made our mark in this industry with quality being a top goal. We demand superior performance and service not only from ourselves but from the companies we partner with – from the factories that build our boats to the manufacturers of the doors, windows and engines that go inside each vessel.

read more