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August 29, 2007

75 mold release
75 mold release

The highly anticipated first Expedition Yacht Fisher was released from the mold this week, and the reveal was nothing less than spectacular. Much like giving birth, dozens of factory personnel at the South Coast yard helped in the hours-long, painstaking process of pulling the molds away, unveiling a gleaming, seamless fiberglass hull. Soon, the deck and flybridge molds will be ready to release and assemblage of the boat will commence. “I couldn’t be happier with the way Hull #1 has turned out,” said EYF project manager Dave Harlow who recently visited the factory. “It is going to be a boat like nothing anyone has ever seen before.”

Hull #1 is on schedule for completion in Spring ’08. The first three hulls have been sold. Hull #4 is available at a base price of $4.2 million and will delivery in early 2009. For more information on the Expedition Yacht Fisher, click here.


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Name That Boat

March 17, 2008

By Jeff Merrill

Lots of Nordhavn owners send us photos of their boats in beautiful or unusual settings, which is great because that means we can post them to our Photo Gallery and share them with you. When I saw that one of my customers, Marty Ellison, had e-mailed me a photo of his Nordhavn 55, "Tenacious", I promptly took the step of forwarding it along to be submitted for the website. But I stopped short of pressing send and reconsidered. This is a very unique shot! Unique enough that it warrants an equally clever caption. So I pass the task on to you, the readers of nordhavn.com. If you think you can wordsmith your way into providing a proper caption for this photo, please submit it to us. We'd love to see what you come up with! Please send entries to amy@nordhavn.com by March 23. The best ones will be featured on nordhavn.com next week and the winner will win a free Nordhavn cap.

By the way, let me use this opportunity to re-extend to all you Nordhavn owners out there the invitation to send us your great Nordhavn shots. We're still looking for super images to be featured in next year's calendar. You can submit them to amy@nordhavn.com. Don't forget, there are a few Nordhavn calendars left that can still be had for cheap!


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