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January 23, 2017

New Nordhavn Dreamers locations

The close of 2016 produced the most activity in new and brokerage sales Nordhavn has seen in 8 years. And the massive growth wasn’t just limited to sales; the Nordhavn Dreamers Group also reached peak numbers over the past couple months, to the point that it has had to switch platforms to handle the traffic.

According to moderator Callum McCormick, continued expansion of the Nordhavn Dreamers “club” as he refers to it, prompted the move to a more stable platform. The new location for the Dreamers Group, which has reached over 2,000 members, is https://groups.io/g/NordhavnDreamers. The Dreamers Group is an outlet for fans, potential buyers, owners, former owners, and anyone who has any sort of interest in the brand, to discuss anything Nordhavn.

"Initially we were all a little skeptical how the move would go, but the data migration went perfectly with the whole message base being transferred inside an hour. Our thanks go to the team at groups.io for making such an amazing product". The new NordhavnDreamers group, together with all their historical message base that has been built up over the last decade can be found at the new Dreamers groups.io address.

The Nordhavn Dreamers Facebook page remains the same at https://www.facebook.com/NordhavnDreamers/.

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