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August 2, 2016

Update on Nordhavn owner’s solo crossing attempt
MS5609 Deo Juvante resumes Atlantic crossing

Thierry Verstraete has resumed his attempt to solo navigate his Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer from Newport, RI to Belgium. After a 12-day layover in the Azores, Verstraete has resolved his autopilot issues, caught up on sleep and is taking on Leg 2 of his mission with renewed gusto.

During the first 20 days at sea, Deo Juvante has performed flawlessly until a sudden glitch with its auto-pilot forced Verstraete to pull into the Azores for an unexpected layover. Late last week, a technician from Cay Electronics in Portsmouth, RI, which performed the initial install flew over to fix the autopilot. The tech added a second autopilot; with the redundancy Verstraete hopes to avoid the problem again. After spending the past two weeks getting some badly needed shut-eye, Verstraete resumed his quest to conquer the Atlantic alone.

The failed autopilot was an abrupt and brutal hiccup in Verstraete’s trip and not one that could be overcome due to its vital role in solo cruising. Despite dashing his dream of a non-stop passage, Verstraete has certainly made the most of his time in the Azores by exploring the island, putting his painted stamp on the a concrete walkway surrounding Marina Horta, and re-uniting with his family who flew from Belgium to see him.

Verstraete has approximately 1400 nm remaining in the second leg of his trip. In doing so, even broken into two legs, he will become the first person ever to solo-cross an ocean in a Nordhavn. Follow along with Verstraete as he continues on his history-making trek or catch up on his first 20 days spent at sea. To learn more about the back story of Deo Juvante’s trip across the Atlantic, click here.





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