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August 2, 2016

Nordhavn Yachts Australia – Scarborough, Australia

Nordhavn Australasia has been representing Nordhavn’s interests in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim for 11 years. Back in 2005, the Nordhavn population was just breaking into Australia as the number of Nordhavns wending their way to the other side of the globe began to surge. Since then the Scarborough, Queensland-based firm has sold around 30 new and used Nordhavns and helped the brand become a recognizable name Down Under. “When we started out, there had been just a handful of Nordhavns passing through, cruising in our waters, with only a couple Australia-owned vessels actually based here,” said Peter Devers, sales manager of Nordhavn Australasia. “Nordhavn has since gained extensive exposure at our major boat shows in Australia and New Zealand, we’re seeing existing owners move up to larger models, and a measurable increase in the number of Nordhavns seen cruising all over our unique region.”

Helping the cause is the dedicated and knowledgeable team Devers has put together and the shipyard partnerships Nordhavn Australasia has established. The staff have commissioned 14 boats and serviced countless others so owners cruising the area can take comfort in knowing there is a depth of Nordhavn expertise that exists there. The three-person sales staff has honed their skills in the new build process from model suitability, options choices, documentation, factory visits, shipping and offload, commissioning, warrantee and training. “We really are a one-stop Nordhavn shop!” says Devers.

The rise in Nordhavn sightings can easily be attributed to two phenomena: more Nordhavns than ever are embarking on circumnavigations, and the ownership base in the South Pacific has been on a steady incline the past decade. But is there something else drawing Nordhavn owners to this part of the world? Devers theorizes the rugged, remote, unprotected coastline requires a boat with mettle and owners to match. “Nordhavn builds vessels that are a great fit for our market,” he said. “Here, boaters have long, exposed passages to explore. Our vessels have become more appreciated, valued and desired in this market.

“We expect to see a steady growth in sales as Nordhavn continues to refresh its models and continues to build the very best production passagemakers available.”

Nordhavn Australasia Sales and Service
Scarborough Marina
28 Thurecht Parade
Queensland 4020
Ph: 1300 920 036


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