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September 14, 2017

Introducing a brand new Nordhavn:
the N475

Nordhavn is pleased to announce the latest Nordhavn to come off the drawing board: the N475. The 475 is based on the hull of the successful Nordhavn 43, and, in fact, is going to serve as a replacement for the 43 in the Nordhavn product line.

While it will use the molds of the Nordhavn 43, the 475 will be a completely new boat in many ways: the keel has been extended aft, the salon has been enlarged and the boat deck and flybridge tooling is new.  The molds will be irrevocably changed and will make obsolete the Nordhavn 43.

Tooling will commence shortly but we are taking orders now.

Specifications will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

For more information on the Nordhavn 475, please contact info@nordhavn.com or your local sales office.

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