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July 3, 2016

Maximum Nordhavn

This month marks an incredible time for Nordhavns as owners on two different models both attempt to set Nordhavn records.

The owner of a Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer will attempt to become the first person ever to single-hand a Nordhavn across an ocean. Thierry Vestrade departed Newport, RI June 30, embarking on a solo mission to bring his boat Deo Juvante across the Atlantic to Europe.
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Meanwhile, Nordhavn 68 Migration is winding its way up the Norwegian coast en route to reaching the highest latitude ever achieved by a Nordhavn. The county of Svalbard, Norway is listed as having the fourth highest latitude on the globe. Several Nordhavns have reached extreme latitudes, but Migration’s visit to Svalbard would eclipse the previously most extreme visit by a Nordhavn, also achieved by Migration and fellow Nordhavn 72 Shear Madness when they visited Greenland in 2014.
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