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July 3, 2016

Nordhavn 68 goes to the extreme (latitudes)

Next week, the Nordhavn 68 Migration is expected to embark on what will be one of the greatest adventures ever undertaken by a Nordhavn. Anyone familiar with Nordhavns and their owners knows that’s quite a statement to make. But the owners aboard Migration are about to go where no other Nordhavn has ventured before, Svalbard, Norway, and once she arrives, it will be the northernmost point on the globe ever explored by a Nordhavn.

On the register of the world’s most northern latitudes, Svalbard is listed as numbers 4 and 5. Only two points in Nunavut, Canada and part of Greenland lie closer to the North Pole.

A little background about Svalbard: ice blocking passageways make cruising cumbersome, the area’s wildlife run amok to the point that anyone who dwells the area is required to have a shotgun, and getting approvals to visit the region is a complex months-long process. So it begs the question, why go there in the first place? Essentially, “because we can,” quips the boat’s owner, then adds with earnest, “We enjoy the challenge and preparation of going to remote locations where few have had the opportunity to cruise. The ice, the midnight sun, the wildlife – all of these things create experiences which we will remember for many years to come.”

The boat currently lies in the Lofton Islands, on Norway’s northern coast and is on her way to Tromso which is where Migration will lay over, pick up a crew member and make her official start up to Svalbard, stopping at Bear Island en route. Weather permitting they will depart on July 9.

The married couple who own the boat will be joined by Steve D’Antonio, a marine consultant, who will stay for three weeks on board from Tromso to Svalbard. While on board, D’Antonio will be posting to his blog which we will be sharing on Nordhavn.com.

The boat will stay in Svalbard for approximately three-to-four weeks to allow for plenty of exploring of the mostly uninhabited (by people) land. Exotic bird- and polar bear-watching are high on the to-do list.

Says Migration’s owner: “Regardless of our interest, without a properly equipped vessel a leisurely, personal trip to [this] part of the world by water would be practically impossible.”

For updates on this and Deo Juvante’s trip, please keep posted to Nordhavn.com.

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