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June 2, 2016

Nordhavn Yachts Southwest – Dana Point, California

Jumping off point to anywhere!

What makes Nordhavn’s flagship location so special? Just walking on to the office grounds itself will put you in a getaway state of mind. The workplace, converted from a restaurant, is home to 360-degree views of Dana Point harbor, lush lawns, and a tranquil pond spanning the front of the building that plays host to koi, turtles and ducks (which are well-looked after by a number of Pacific Asian Enterprises’ [PAE] staff). Inside, the modern airy building is filled with private offices, an open sales floor, a bar and kitchen (ideal for boat christening parties and the like), and a pictorial of the company’s 40-year history covers the walls.

But the atmosphere is just the tip of the iceberg. The sales team at the Southwest office has the privilege of being able to show their customers practically any type Nordhavn – current or out-of-production – one could hope to see. The site of the company’s West Coast commissioning facility lures a large number of Nordhavns to the Dana Point docks each year from new boats undergoing commissioning or currently owned boats needing service; it’s a boon for any Nordhavn cruising the area. There isn’t another location in the world that can match the level of experience or in-depth knowledge of Nordhavns that exists in Dana Point.

And while every Nordhavn salesman has the benefit of being able to directly access the engineering and design team at PAE, the Southwest crew have the added luxury of being able to walk down the hallway to speak with the Naval Architect and engineers face-to-face.

Then there’s the geographic location. Nestled in southern Orange County, it’s the ideal spot for a cruiser looking to prepare their boat for a long voyage, be it north up to Alaska or British Columbia, south to Mexico and points east, or a straight shot west to Hawaii and beyond.

“Dana Point is the well-kept secret of the Southern California Riviera,” said Larry Gieselman, PAE’s most tenured sales representative. “The climate, deep water, and access to the ocean lends itself to our customers. Next month is my 35th anniversary working at PAE and here in this harbor. Having visited many areas and harbors in the world, I cannot think of a better place to live or have a career!”


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