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June 1, 2017

Nordhavn 76#24: last chance to take ownership of new Ta Shing hull

Speak now or hold your peace…for at least 2 ½ years

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) has maintained a relationship with the Ta Shing Yacht Yard that spans four decades. Ta Shing’s reputation for crafting supremely constructed vessels precedes itself and has been a shining hallmark of PAE-boats since Ta Shing began building our Mason sailboats back in the 1980s. The badges of a Ta Shing boat are numerous: from the joiner work, to the use of a single teak log for wood grain uniformity, to the overall design integrity within every detail. It’s this quality that stands out as one of the prime reasons our Nordhavn 68 and 76 models continue to be amongst our most popular new builds right now. Unfortunately for most who are contemplating owning a piece of gleaming, ship building prowess, a new Ta Shing produced boat won’t be attainable for more than two years. Unless, that is, you happen to be the lucky buyer of the brand new Nordhavn 76 hull 24.

In approximately four short months, Nordhavn 76#24 will ship from the factory in need of a buyer, the kind of buyer who does not want to wait until the end of 2019 to cruise off in one of the nicest composed Nordhavns manufactured to date. A few different prospects have stepped forward as players for this hull, but for one reason or another, none ever made it through to the contract stage. “On one hand, it is a little upsetting – and sad, really – to see this boat still unsold so late in the game,” said PAE president Dan Streech. “On the other hand, this one boat is precious.”

Precious in terms of its rank as the rare open slot in a booked out production schedule, but also for the phenomenal value it represents. The person who eventually steps forward to buy 76#24 will be a shining, clever star amongst his/her peers in the boat buying community, says Streech. Not only do they avoid the chaos of change orders, amendments and other stresses that can accompany the new build process, they are getting – at a significant discount – a supremely devised yacht, put together by pros: the designers, engineers and project managers who have spent decades building and perfecting Nordhavns. 

N76#24 has borrowed from the best of the best Nordhavn interiors employing horizontal grain woods together with a tasteful mix of elegant wall coverings throughout. Added to that are the many improvements and evolutionary developments that all Nordhavns have enjoyed in recent years – corrosion-free fiberglass doors, frameless bonded windows, large vertical windows in the master stateroom, the latest in appliances, fixtures, air conditioning, AV, electronics, electrical systems and more.

Cruising dreams await aboard a dream boat, and they can be fulfilled by next Spring. N76#24 will ship from Ta Shing this October, and delivery can follow just a few months later. 

Maybe this all sounds great, except for the nagging feeling that the boat doesn’t reflect any of your ideas or schemes. At 80% complete, it’s not too late to add your own personal touches…but soon, it will be.

Thomas Edison wrote, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Lucky for you, this opportunity is as good as it looks. 

For pricing and further details on Nordhavn 76#24, contact your Nordhavn representative or email info@nordhavn.com.

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