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Newly Launched Nordhavn Charters
Available in the U.S.

Whether you’re looking to test drive a Nordhavn for potential purchase, or want to get a glimpse of the trawler lifestyle without the time and money investment, chartering a Nordhavn is possibly the perfect solution. And now there are two new charter options to be considered: a Nordhavn 55 on the East Coast and a Nordhavn 52 based in Kodiak, Alaska.

Nordhavn 52 'Samba'Samba, a beautiful 52-foot boat, has spent nearly her entire 3-year existence exploring Alaska. She’s the second Nordhavn for Natasha and Josh Tofield who have spent 10 years cruising the area in the brand; they were eager to put their local knowledge – and their knowledge of Nordhavns – toward something useful. As it was, Tofield had always enjoyed assisting new Nordhavn buyers, making gear suggestions and offering what he considers top tips to successful Nordhavn ownership. After several outings on their 52 – most resulting in hands-on training cruises for friends and guests, the couple were inspired to consider chartering out Samba. “We thought that we were uniquely qualified to teach guests about Nordhavn systems and educate and prepare them for ownership,” said Tofield. “All this [within the context] of a luxury cruise seeing the beauty and wildlife of the waters of Kodiak, Alaska.”

With Tofield at the helm and wife Natasha in the galley, the couple strive to make the experience informative, yet enjoyable and relaxing as well. Says Tofield: “In the end, the guests will have a great week in Kodiak and be ready to be new owners of a Nordhavn.”

Down in Florida, a Nordhavn 55 originally built for deep sea exploration and underwater videography, is available for charter out of the Palm Beach area. With a NITROX system and plenty of stores for tanks, there’s clearly a SCUBA diving mentality with this boat, but owner Rick Leander is steering his charter toward providing potential Nordhavn buyers with a way to test out the lifestyle.

It’s what Leander and his wife did before purchasing Large Flightless Birds, and, he says, the experience is what cinched the decision to buy.After years of being a Nordhavn Dreamer, dragging my wife around the country looking at Nordhavns at boat shows and at all four of the U.S. sales offices, she insisted that we spend some time on one before moving forward,” said Leander. ”We spent several days and nights aboard [a chartered Nordhavn 47] on a very cold December in the waters around Seattle.  It made all the difference in the world.”   

Having taken delivery of the boat in August 2015, Leander and his wife hadn’t initially set out to put LFB into charter, however they loosely considered it. Then an unexpected change in their schedules that slashed their available cruising time caused them to seriously re-examine the idea. Combined with their own positive charter experience as well as a desire to give Nordhavn prospects a proper feel for cruising, the decision was made.

LFB is operated by a licensed Captain, and if the guest insists, a steward can be arranged. But Leander maintains the focus of his charters are to give an actual owner/operator experience. (Nordhavn 55s typically do not have crew.) “Life on a trawler is unlike anything most people have done before, yet the romance of the sea is alluring to a lot of folks,” says Leander. “You really have no idea of the joys, the stresses and the compromises that life on a boat entails.”

When charter and personal agendas allow, the Leanders plan to do several weekend or week-long cruises, although  realize they will need to be very flexible to accommodate both. “We won’t proceed with any of the formal (charter) arrangements until the charter guest and the Captain are comfortable that we can deliver the experience desired,” and that includes getting the right weather window.

It’s a seeming considerable sacrifice they are making for others, but Leander insists the team effort and family philosophy cultivated by Nordhavn owners and within the organization itself has been a major influencer. “The team at Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) has built a tremendous community around the Nordhavn brand,” says Leander. “PAE staff members, the Nordhavn Owners and the Nordhavn Dreamers really played a huge role in our decision to buy our Nordhavn. We’d like to think that our decision to make Large Flightless Birds available to others is in some small way helping to make the community bigger and stronger.”


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