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Cuba Remains Top Destination for U.S.-Flagged Nordhavns

U.S.-flagged Nordhavns traveling to Cuba remains a hot topic as some of the earliest to take advantage of eased travel guidelines for Americans are reflecting on their time spent there. Meanwhile the first organized large-scale group of U.S. Nordhavns readies to take part in a Cuba rally this spring.

Cal Davis and Donna Reno on Nordhavn 57 New Fidelity joined other Nordhavn owners in mid-January for a mini-rendezvous in Cuba. Restrictions presented some speedbumps in the ways they had anticipated being able to enjoy the island nation (not the least of which was being prohibited from using their SAT phone for the duration of their stay). In the end, they found Cuba not to be the place that Hemingway described, but a 21st century Cuba that provided them a rich and enjoyable travel experience all the same. Click here to read Cal and Donna’s blog about Cuba. 

While New Fidelity and others have opted to improvise their trips to Cuba and stay under the radar as it were, a more structured and organized (so-called “legal”) U.S.-to-Cuba trip is formulating with an early April arrival date scheduled. For a fee, American Nordhavn owners can participate in one of the Rallies to Cuba sailings, produced by AIM media group (publishers of Passagemaker and other marine titles). As part of the package, participants will arrive in Havana and commence a 14-day itinerary led by Peter Swanson, who will be in charge of all logistics and bureaucracy. A full schedule including conversational and nautical Spanish, daily excursions throughout Cuba and evening social festivities are among the planned events during the two-week Rally. For more information including pricing and sail dates, contact Rallies to Cuba directly.


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