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Nordhavnís East Coast Service HQ Brims with Activity
New and Owned Boats Keep Commissioning Team Busy

The East Coast Commissioning facility in North Palm Beach is Nordhavn’s busiest hub right now with four brand new Nordhavns currently being commissioned as well as a number of other boats being serviced. The south Florida location recently marked its one-year anniversary since relocating from Stuart and things could not be busier.

The past eight weeks have seen the arrival of four new Nordhavns: 9611, 7622, 6068, and 5273. It’s the most new Nordhavns the North Palm Beach center has handled all at one time, but manager Rob Cole and his team have put forth an outstanding effort overseeing the workload to ensure these boats see an on-time delivery.  Cole admits it’s been an adjustment having to balance schedules, but through knowledge, organization and multi-tasking, they have met the challenge. Plus they have the backing of a comprehensive support system. “Behind every Nordhavn is an outstanding support team,” says Cole. “You’ve got great assistance from the home office, the yard, and local vendors who are extremely helpful and quick to react when needed.”

Under a tight deadline to get the jobs done, Cole, along with techs Fernando Diaz, Gene Ferguson and Chris Cooper fulfill an extensive check-off list that accompanies each boat. Every component – from the mundane (soap dispensers) to the more integral (setting parameters on electrical systems) gets tested, fixes are made, installations such as tender chocks are completed and shakedown cruises performed. “If anything’s going to break, it’s going to happen during the first trips at sea, so it’s fundamental the boats are thoroughly tested underway and then re-tested,” said Cole.

Labor aside, one of the biggest responsibilities of the Commissioning team is relationship-building with owners. Boat buyers invest huge amounts of time and effort into the build of their yachts and it’s key that they have complete trust in Nordhavn’s techs. With 11 years experience working on Nordhavns, Cole worldwide has amassed an immense depth of knowledge that offers a certain comfort level to owners of new boats who have lots of questions. “It’s a huge emotional and financial investment for new owners,” says Southeast Sales Manager Andy Hegley. “They need training as well as reassurances and clarification on many things. Rob’s experience in this realm is an enormous service to the owners. He can explain anything an owner needs or wants to know about.”

Last week the team worked overtime to make sure they hit their target completion date for the closing of Nordhavn 7622, which happened over the weekend via offshore delivery. With the owners and their salesman on board, commissioning tech Ferguson made sure that – performance wise – the delivery went smoothly.

Next week the handover of the N52 to its owners takes place, but the load doesn’t lighten: with the departure of these two boats comes more work in the form of yacht management and service work. In addition to new boat commissioning, the team are responsible for the care and custody of several Nordhavns including an N40, N50, N56, N63, N76 and several N55s. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s also great experience for our team who gain knowledge working on the latest engineering and technology that our design staff implements with each new Nordhavn manufactured,” says Cole. “It’s an asset to all owners that they won’t find anywhere else.”

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