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October 12, 2016

Pre-owned Inventory at Nordhavn Yachts Sales hits peak
Marks an exciting time for buyers, sellers and Nordhavn’s brokers

If you’re on the hunt for a pre-owned Nordhavn, the timing couldn’t be better in terms of what is now available on the brokerage market. At Nordhavn Yachts Sales, the inventory has never been bigger or more diversified. With 40 used Nordhavns (four with pending sales), which includes 14 different model lengths, chances are good you’ll find one that’s right for you. A glance over our list of available boats shows we don’t discriminate: present year models, boats that are decades old, N86s, N46s, and the Yachtfisher all comprise the current listings sheet.

That’s not to say that pre-owned Nordhavn inventory is abundant everywhere. Just take a look around the internet. No individual broker or brokerage firm comes close to the number of Nordhavn listings that we have. More importantly, absolutely no one comes close to the number of used Nordhavn sales that our brokers have amassed.

Although our track record precedes us, there’s still confusion as to how much focus Nordhavn Yachts Sales – the sales arm of Pacific Asian Enterprises, manufacturer of Nordhavn – places on selling used Nordhavns. Despite nearly 200 brokerage sales concluded in just the past decade, there are those who question the intentions of our brokers and insist that second-hand Nordhavns play second fiddle to new sales.

“It only makes sense that every salesperson in the company is very motivated to sell any Nordhavn we can,” says senior broker Larry Gieselman, who has sold more brokerage Nordhavns than any other salesman in history. “I believe it is extremely important for the company to be a part of any Nordhavn sales transaction (in order) to provide the best possible service to the buyer during the selling transaction and for years to come – as only the designer and manufacturer can.”

Not only that, brokerage and new sales are complementary to each other. Often times a new boat buyer will return to his salesman when he’s ready to move on from his boat. Conversely, brokerage owners can turn into new Nordhavn buyers. “To me, any and all sales – pre-owned and new – are very important,” says Gieselman. “I just delivered a new Nordhavn 60 to a buyer who has bought and sold two brokerage Nordhavns from me over the past 10 years. If [Nordhavn Yachts Sales] hadn’t done a good job for that client on his previous brokerage purchases, he would not have continued on with us to purchase a new Nordhavn.”

Another bonus to being so closely tied into the new boat landscape? Even if the right yacht isn’t calling out your name from the current pool of available brokerage Nordhavns, there’s a good chance one of our brokers has the inside scoop on a boat that’s coming on to the market soon.

Gieselman, who has been involved in more than 150 pre-owned Nordhavn sales over his career, argues there is no proof and no foundation behind the conjecture that Nordhavn Yachts salesmen don’t like to deal in brokerage: “Any individual who makes this claim is flat out wrong. And any company who propagates this is not only wrong, but is saying it to be strictly self-serving.”

Especially from a financial standpoint, a broker limiting his/her sales numbers makes zero sense, says Gieselman. Nordhavn salesmen work on commission only, so they don’t earn a paycheck unless a sale is generated. “Why would anyone in sales consider making only one-half of their potential annual income by devoting time and energy to selling just new boats…?” asserts Gieselman.

Based on sales performance alone, Nordhavn Yachts Sales is the primary resource for shoppers looking to buy a brokerage Nordhavn. Factor in experience and knowledge, and it’s plain to see that the Nordhavn sales staff are a cut above the average yacht broker in the realm of Nordhavn sales. “What other firm has access to the drawings and specs, designers and engineers of each Nordhavn ever built?” questions Gieselman. “That is a tremendous asset to the buyer.”

Nordhavn Yachts Sales has seven world-wide offices in California, Florida, Rhode Island, Washington, England, Australia and Turkey. To make an inquiry, contact us at info@nordhavn.com.

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