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September 8, 2016

Nordhavn 76#24: a primer in smart buying

With four new orders in 2016, things are humming at Ta Shing, our partner factory which produces the 76 and 68 models. The factory’s already active production schedule was bolstered by the new sales; hulls 33 and 34 of the 68 project, as well as N76 hulls 25 and 26 have been sold and added to Ta Shing’s build queue. For the future buyer of a Ta Shing hull, the recent activity pushes the delivery date for the next available slot out to 2019. Kind of puts a damper on any thoughts you might have had about cruising in your brand new boat anytime soon – or sort-of soon. Wouldn’t it be great if a year from now, you could be closing in on ownership of a new Nordhavn 76 and planning to spend next New Year’s Eve on board whirring toward your favorite destination?

The thing is, you can.

Nordhavn 76#24 is an unsold boat on the production line and she will be finished at the factory in September 2017, a fairly quick completion date all things considered.  Why didn't the buyers of N7625 or N7626 take this boat? In each case they wanted a different layout or features that than what have has been committed to in the layup of this hull.
N7624 is loosely based on the lovely N7617 ( Avedan) which many feel (Nordhavn president Dan Streech included) is the best N76 of all time.  Since there was not a buyer involved  in creating the order for N7624, design staffers used their decades of experience to pick and choose among their favorite features from 20 past Nordhavns - as well as try a few new tricks – all of which are being incorporated into what will be a spectacular new yacht. Click here for package details.
With interior styling neatly wrapped up, the question of choosing electronics has also been sorted out by the project team. And really, who has a better handle on components than the folks who have managed hundreds of different Nordhavns’ electronics packages? A selection of quality essentials – watermaker, radar, GPS, chart plotter, and the like – has been chosen in an effort to outfit the boat with what’s necessary, yet not too over the top - in order to keep pricing reasonable. If a buyer emerges in the next month or two, there is still time to adjust that package... or, do nothing more than hand over a deposit check, sit back and know that the keys to a beautiful new Nordhavn 76 will be presented in December 2017.

And just a few weeks after that, from the confines of the gorgeous saloon, you can count the seconds down and give a toast to 2018 as well as to your own cleverness for buying a superb new yacht at a third of the lead time, a significant reduction in the cost, and with a fraction of the frustrations usually associated with a new build. Cheers to you!



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