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August 3, 2017

Time friendly production spot: Nordhavn 60#73
Available hull could prove to be perfect fit for deadline-driven buyer

It’s not often that a Nordhavn on the production schedule winds up being an unclaimed production spot, but every so often due to one circumstance or another, the random hull winds up going into construction without an owner.

When it does happen, it’s usually not for long. For many, an available boat that’s mid-way through the build process is a serious stroke of luck that buys them, in some cases, up to two years of actual cruising time they’d otherwise miss out on by having to go to the back of the line with their from-scratch new boat order.

Like the unsold, halfway-built Nordhavn 76#24, which now has serious interest and a commitment to purchase on it, there is another highly coveted gem of a production spot available for a buyer whose schedule demands a short lead time: Nordhavn 60#73.

As with any ownerless hull order, the details and layout are left up to the discretion of Pacific Asian Enterprises’ (PAE) project management and design staff, so you can be sure the boat being built is done so incorporating the most successful arrangement, most popular and practical options and universally appealing interior styling that will yield the highest possible resale value. This gorgeous boat is the standard Nordhavn grey hull with white superstructure and has a satin varnished cherry wood interior throughout. Granite covers countertops and floors in the galley with marble countertops and floors in all heads. It comes as a standard two-stateroom layout equipped with ensuite heads plus a captain’s quarters and day head located behind the pilothouse.

Most importantly, this boat is tracking to complete in November and ship from the factory soon after, which means if you are itching to get into a boat, your wait is practically next to nothing. Just imagine where it is you’d like to start your cruising life and we will ship her to be delivered to you there.

It could be said that N60#73 is the perfect boat; the Nordhavn 60 hits the LOA sweet spot in the product line: a big, roomy boat that’s not so big she can’t be simply managed by a couple, and certainly small enough to fit into most marinas. Plus she is the ideal match for the scheduling and pocketbook savvy, with considerable pricing incentives being offered.

To learn more about Nordhavn 60#73, contact us at info@nordhavn.com.

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