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August 3, 2017

Walking the walk: Nordhavn.com to debut new advertising complement

Oceans Apart from the Rest. It’s been Nordhavn’s slogan for nearly 30 years, and time after time, we have proven just how literal we take that statement. While others claim to be the best at producing seaworthy, long-range cruising yachts, Nordhavn actually does it. Through our engineering practices, design philosophies, no-shortcuts mentality, experienced team, same-ownership group, and adventurous owners who have taken their boats to the actual ends of the earth, Nordhavn has proven year in and year out, that we are the undisputed leader in ocean-going passagemaking yachts.

As the old saying goes, if you’re gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk. Consequently, beginning with the September issues of various boating magazines, we will be launching an advertising campaign that very descriptively points out the criteria that makes this so. It starts with a list of cruising achievements made by different Nordhavn owners. Other brands boast about a single yacht making it around Cape Horn or having crossed an ocean. But Nordhavn’s track record of hundreds of ocean crossings, multiple roundings of Cape Horn, and record-setting expeditions is beyond compare. To emphasize this, we will be introducing the “Oceans Apart from the Rest” Ad Campaign Web Complement, where details and facts will back up our statements.

We’ll launch the new online feature with a very extensive list of Nordhavn Cruising Accomplishments that supports our September ad. Then, with each new ad we roll out, supplemental testimony - specific to that ad - will be presented on the Ad Campaign Web Complement.

The Web Complement feature will go live in late August. Look for the "Oceans Apart from the Rest" logo on our website to find details.

As always, we invite your questions at info@nordhavn.com.