Information Center Press Releases
The Nordhavn 43 is here!
May 2004

Late last week, as the sun set and the fog lifted, Nordhavn 43 project manager, Pete Eunson, piloted the freshly launched hull number one into Dana Point Harbor. She was received in Long Beach and delivered by Pete with fellow project manager Dave Harlow on board.

Pete eased her into her seawall slip, and she immediately drew a crowd. One observer waved excitedly, wanting to show his wife the new Nordhavn 47! He was not far off, she does look like a 47, and hull number one sports a beautiful flybridge to boot. People may confuse the 43 with her larger sister from a distance, but there are some subtle differences. PAE has once again taken a good thing and made it better.

Now that several local visitors have had a chance to see her debut and meet her owner, Tom Michels, who is in town to finalize electronics placement, order his dinghy etc., it is time to update the rest of the world with a quick first impression.


Remember, the 43 was originally conceived as an 'improvement to the 40.' After our record-breaking circumnavigation, the crew all talked about what could be done to have made the trip better. Ideas included 1) more fuel for better range,2)a bigger wheelhouse with a helm chair, 3)two heads instead of one,4) master stateroom amidships, 5) a walking side deck, etc. All of these suggestions morphed into this stunning new design. She is everything she was intended to be. Great job Jeff Leishman!

PAE's proprietary 'maintenance strakes' give 5-feet plus of headroom on both sides of the Lugger main engine. The engine room itself is creatively designed with well-labeled valves for fuel management and hatch covers in appropriate places to prevent inadvertent contact. The access to the engine room is via the master stateroom and is close to 8 feet high! The cockpit has three boarding doors - port, starboard and aft. There is a minimum of exterior teak and the Gelcoat glistens. Our yard has continued its fine construction tradition with beautiful teak joinery inside, great stainless work and a very welcoming interior to complement her elegant good exterior looks.

Pete Eunson was quite pleased with how quiet she rides and how well she slices through the seas. We have already made one adjustment to the propeller and will soon attach the active fins and install the mast and rigging. She's still early on in the commissioning process and grows more beautiful each day as she gets closer to completion. Stay tuned for future updates as "Island Magic" gets closer to christening and as more boats make their way into the USA.

There is much more that could be said, but it would be best to get in touch with your PAE/Nordhavn salesman for more details and to make arrangements to see her in person.

--Jeff Merrill, Dana Point, CA - PAE/Nordhavn sales office