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N72 Mold
N72 Mold
N72 Mold
N72 Mold
"Nordhavn 72 moves forward"

After a 10-week FRP (fiberglass reinforced product) lamination process, the hull of Nordhavn 72 hull #1 has been released from the hull mold. On September 15, the mold was opened and hull #1 emerged as the first of a model run which PAE expects to last for 10 years or more.

A new plant was constructed by Ta Shing (the yard that builds the Nordhavn 35, 57 and 62) specifically for the production of the N72 and has been laid out to accommodate the efficient manufacture of four N72s per year.

The very complex deck mold for the standard N72 configuration is complete and is receiving its final polishing before lay-up of the #1 deck commences. The deck mold is a monumental achievement and will enable the molding of a one-piece structure that includes the main deck, side decks, salon and cockpit. Every square inch of the deck (and the entire boat for that matter) will be finished in gleaming gel coat made possible by the perfect finish of the molds.

Plug construction is underway for the aft pilothouse deck mold. This mold will be complete and ready to use for hull #3, which will be of the aft pilothouse configuration.

Also reaching completion are the various supporting and ancillary molds for items such as the stack, fly bridge overhead, stairs and many many more. Each mold must be (and is) perfect in its finish so that its molded part will match the exacting Nordhavn standards that we have set down.

Delays and disappointments are common in the world of big boat construction, so we are proud to remind our readers that the mold release date of hull #1 is on schedule to the day from what was predicted 18 months ago. We have no doubt that the scheduled factory completion date of July 9, 2004 will be met with the same precision.

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