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Big adventures in the littlest Nordhavn
Cruising the Bahamas in a N35

Image of GustoClick through this website and you'll read of countless adventures at far-away places had by ocean-crossing Nordhavns - whether it be our 40-footer completing the Around the World Voyage or several Nordhavn 62s exploring the waters on the other side of the globe. But adventures are not just to be experienced in our larger Nordhavns along distant shores. Our coastal cruising 35-footer is all Nordhavn and her owners are taking this little ship with big-boat capabilities on their own ambitious cruises.

Case in point is Sandy and Bob MacNeill who took delivery of Gusto, their Nordhavn 35 (hull no. 8), in Portsmouth, Rhode Island last summer. Since then they've marched up and down the Eastern seaboard like a couple of pros.

After wintering in Florida, the liveaboard couple took their home to the Bahamas where they enjoyed "island life" for a bit. Last week they departed the Caribbean and are now headed back up the coast for the summer. Here is a taste of what they experienced this Spring:

Our adventure brings us to Exuma Land and Sea Park. We moored in this large area of many islands that are protected by the Bahamian government from fishing, conching, shelling or lobstering. The area is prolific with sea life and the coral heads and conch are so beautiful. Snorkeling is a daily activity.

Every day we were visited on our boat by four tiny, sparrow-sized birds called Banana Quits. The have bright yellow breasts, topped with white and brown wings and heads. Sandy has coaxed one to take sugar from her hand, but the other three are skittish and will only take sugar from a dish. They have a delightful chirp and they announce their arrival in the morning. If the dish is empty, they become quite noisy and fly around the deck and into the boat, until we fill the dish. There are many fish and a pet shark who swims beneath our boat. The sand spores directly behind our boat surface with the falling tides each day. What breathtaking beauty!

After moving north, we anchored in Shroud Cay, one of our favorite places. Much more isolated that the Park, we have most of the island to ourselves. One lone sailboat, anchored in the distance, is our only neighbor. Water temperature is 88 degrees, air temperature is 85 degrees and we swim off the back of the boat several times a day.

The island is composed of small creeks that bend and wind through the island and end up on the sound (Atlantic Ocean) side at lovely beaches. The fast dinghy ride to the other side is quite exciting, as the water in the narrow creeks is shallow and very clear, so that it feels as if you are flying over the bottom.

The puffy, white clouds move silently in a sky of Heaven blue, the crystal, aqua, sparkling clear water shimmers in the sun, the rocky islands hold white sandy beaches in their arms. We sit on the boat and sometimes just stare at the beauty before us, thanking God for this time. This is what cruising is all about.

Next it's on to Normans Cay, then Highborne Cay to pick up some fuel. Then up to Nassau and finally back to Florida as our Bahamian adventure comes to an end.

Stay tuned for more from the MacNeill's and other Nordhavn owners enjoying adventures around the globe.

Image of Gusto