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Jim makes a toast to the South Coast employees

Jim & Sue Leishman (far Left) are greeted by Amy Wan Sheu (Tsai's wife), Tsai Wan Sheu & Mr. Chen

Tsai Wan Sheu addresses his staff and guests

Mr. Chen addresses the crowd as Tsai Wan Sheu, Amy Wan Sheu, Dave Harlow, Patrick Liu, Jim & Sue Leishman, Derek Townsend & Julie Nunn (4730 customers), and Mike Jensen look on.

February 11, 2005

South Coast celebrated their Lunar New Year (Year of the Rooster) in traditional Chinese fashion with about 400 dedicated and talented employees. Representing P.A.E. were Vice President Jim Leishman and wife Sue, and Project Managers Dave Harlow and Mike Jensen who all enjoyed the festivities.

Factory owner, Mr. Tsai Wan Sheu and co-owner Mr. Chen handed out achievement awards to their enthusiastic staff of this new super factory in the beautiful city of Xiamen, only 75 miles west of the old Taipei plant where construction began on the first Nordhavn 46 by Tsai 18 years ago.

2005 will see continued development of this magnificent factory with almost 800,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a steady flow of Nordhavn orders. Production of the Nordhavn 40/II, 47, 55 and 86 models at this factory are running smoothly, efficiently and with ever increasing quality.

P.A.E. would like to thank our Chinese partners for helping to make Nordhavns the finest oceangoing powerboats available.


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