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The barge brings a new 40 and 47 to get shipped.

June 29, 2005

There are so many details – large and small – that set our company and our boats oceans apart from the rest of the industry. Even our factories go that extra step to ensure not only a superior build, but also an exceptional level of customer service.

Now that P.A.E. has ramped up production two-fold in the last 18 months, finding carriers to bring new, finished boats from our Asian yards to the states has been a challenge. You might recall early this year that shipping of the first 55 was delayed by over a month due to a lack of transportation. South Coast Yacht Yard, builder of the 55, realized that this was a problem that would only continue to grow. So they took steps to make sure our boats do indeed get loaded on to those cargo ships and arrive to their final destination port on time.

Construction of a new Nordhavn takes about nine months and South Coast makes painstaking efforts to ensure production stays on schedule. This includes getting the boat shipped in a timely fashion. But when it comes to shipping, it is often difficult – although usually possible – to find an available container ship within a reasonable amount of time. In order to get a boat that’s built at South Coast in Xiamen, China, loaded on to a container ship, the new boat needs to be moved to the container facility on Xiamen Island. Previously, the only way to do this was to hire a barge that would take the new boats from the yard, down the river, and to the container facility. Unfortunately, these barges have proven unreliable in both their working condition and their timeliness. So hang-ups in shipping due to an undependable barge left South Coast’s owner, Tsai Wan Sheu exasperated.

But he alleviated the problem by designing and building his own barge, which is at his disposal and in perfect working order. No more dealing with impossible schedules, difficult drivers, and defective barges. “This is just one more way South Coast has gone above and beyond for P.A.E.,” said Project Manager Dave Harlow.

We’ve already seen proof that the South Coast barge was a genius idea. Just a few weeks ago, South Coast was able to load 7 Nordhavns from the factory on to a container ship. “Our goal is to keep our boats oceans apart from the rest of the marine industry,” Harlow said. “Not to keep them oceans apart from their owners!”