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(From Left): P.A.E. President Dan Streech and wife Marcia accept a commemorative gift from Ta Shing President So Sang and Ta Shing's head of engineering, David Jen.

2003 marks the 25th year of collaboration between Ta Shing Yacht Building and Pacific Asian Enterprises. In one of the longest and most fruitful Anglo/Asian boat building partnerships in history, Ta Shing and P.A.E. have developed 14 different models and variants of the famed Mason and Nordhavn lines over the last quarter-century.

Rising from obscurity in 1978 to today’s leadership position in the offshore power cruiser market, the Ta Shing/P.A.E. team has shared the same goals and dreams:
• Superb quality
• Technical excellence
• Innovation
• Consistency
• High quality customer service
• Fairness and good value

The annual Ta Shing company party celebrating Chinese New Year was also the occasion to celebrate this special anniversary. Guests of honor at the party were P.A.E. president Dan Streech and wife Marcia, P.A.E. owner and naval architect Jeff Leishman and P.A.E. project manager Trever Smith. Dan, Jeff and Trever walked among the 30 tables and thanked every worker personally for his or her hard work and dedication.

Poignantly, 2003 also saw the passing of Ta Shing’s founder and first president, C.M. Juan who has been in ill health for several years and a special tribute was made to him. “C.M.” was a firm but fair leader who established Ta Shing’s culture of “quality first” and guided his company through the early development years. P.A.E. founders Dan Streech, Jim Leishman and Joe Meglen will remain forever grateful to C.M. for having faith in their first project, the Mason 43, and giving them a chance 25 years ago.

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