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What's Happening - Nordhavn 6230, Walkabout, Cruising to Alaska

Another celebration took place on the Dana Point Harbor docks on July 7th in honor of the owners of Nordhavn 6230, Walkabout . John and Veronica Kennelly and their three children were excited to take delivery of their new Nordhavn in anticipation of their trip up the Pacific to Vancouver. The trip is roughly 800 nm, and usually takes 7 to 9 days.

Their summer plans include cruising to Vancouver and then to Alaska where they will spend the summer with the entire family on board, which includes their young children Savannah, Remington, and Peyton, as well as their white lab Boomer.

John is an experienced cruiser and adventurous by nature, having traveled all over the world in his younger days. He therefore had no reservations about taking his Nordhavn up the west coast, which has been known to be rough this time of year due to the prevailing northwesterly winds averaging 15-30 knots, and can be even worse around the various capes and points along the coast, particularly Point Conception, Point Sur and Point Mendocino.

The Kennellys live in Florida, and in order for them to pursue their Alaskan adventure, they hauled the entire family and their belongings, which included two large tenders, across country in a trailer to receive their new boat in California. Ultimately they will dock Walkabout in Florida.

The Kennellys have no definite plans after the summer, but have mentioned cruising to the Sea of Cortez next February and the Galapagos Islands next summer. They are also considering crossing the Pacific in the future to John's homeland of Australia where his family still lives and owns a farm.

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